How much do you pay someone helping you out locally

Live in one country but have a property in Rome. Have a friend who can meet/greet renters but wondering what a fair price to pay him is? By hour? % of stay?

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Will the expectation be to trouble shoot issues? For example to ensure the property is up to standards (cleaning ,repairs) be available 24/7 to be called out to mitigate guests concerns/complaints?

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Perhaps a percentage of the total rental fee if he/she is acting as a co-host plus the cleaning fee if that person also cleans. If they’re doing a great job, you don’t want to lose them.

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Yes, he would handle local things. At least contacting a plumber for example, not doing any work

What type of % is normal/fair?

Why don’t you work out exactly what you want him to do ie check in, check out, manage cleaners, be available to deal with an emergency situation @Pdobbyn

Average how many booking he will need to deal with a month

Estimate how many hours a month.

Do your research to see what co-hosts are paid in Rome.

Percentages don’t always work say you charge £100 a night 20% would only be £20 and may equate to less than the minimum wage for the work you require.

This will help you come up with an hourly rate.

Do make sure you have a contract that clearly outlines his role, payment terms etc

It is up to you and your co-host to come a rate that is fair factoring in the amount of work and expertise required.

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I’m an offsite host (over 7 hours away) and found a wonderful local woman (who has STR’s too) to clean and do some basic “management “. She doesn’t want to co-host, she’s busy enough with her own rentals and we have self check-in so no need to meet guests in person. We pay her 10% of our payout (minus Air fees and cleaning). If she were co-hosting I would think more like 20-25% would be appropriate.


I have a woman who deep cleans once a month for flat fee and then if she needs to do an occasional turnover I give her a lower flat fee. When I go out of town, I pay her $10 a day to be on call. If she has to come out to deal with a guest, I pay her $25 and her transportation. We are both very happy with this. FYI - I have never had to have her come out for a guest yet.

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My cleaner/local feet on the ground are family members and I pay a generous hourly rate, AirBnB’s opinion is that it is not a “living wage” notwithstanding, very generous for the area. I know skilled, certified or licensed laborers making significantly less for more technical, skilled work. This is not to say what they do for me doesn’t require “skills”.

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I don’t know what type of accommodation you have, that would help us give you an accurate estimation.
I have 2 suites attached to my home, one bedroom and a bachelor ( the bachelor has a
kitchenette ). I pay 30-40% of my nightly net and they receive the cleaning fee. This business is a full time job, if you want 5 star reviews then I would advise not to cut corners paying your co-host, there is shopping /replacing supplies this is time consuming.
If I didn’t have reliable help when I’m away I would just have to shut down, it wouldn’t be worth the negative reviews.

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I took in an acquaintance on an emergency basis last fall. She is cranky! But after a number of set-to’s it turns out she is brilliant with guests. Because she is handicapped she is limited in what she can do. But over time what she wants is what she gets.

The “payment” consists of running errands, getting goodies, and installing devices for her. There is ALWAYS something she is after me to do, but its all good!

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A quick Google search says a living wage in Texas is 11.03 an hour. What does Air think it is?


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$25 per hour. Twenty Five Per hour.

  • Is the cleaner self-employed? For cleaners who are self-employed, a minimum of $25 per hour is considered to be a living wage. Self-employed cleaners are typically paid a higher hourly wage than cleaners who work for a company because they pay for their own higher income taxes, days off, cleaning supplies, and travel to and from work.
  • Is the cleaner employed by a cleaning company? A minimum of $15 per hour is considered to be a living wage for cleaners who are employed by a company, as they may receive employee benefits like health, dental, and vision insurance, paid time off, and paid family leave.


Small 2 bedroom apt. Key drop off and emergencies only

This sounds very fair. @Pdobbyn I have been in this situation and it’s a thankless task unless you’re remunerated fairly. You need to pay for their loyalty and commitment. An emergency can happen at any time of day or night. So you need to pay for that person to be willing and able to respond immediately. Basically, they will be “on call” the whole time you have guests.

Also, minor issues happen all the time. Presumably guests will contact your friend first? That takes time (=money).

Honestly, I don’t think hiring a friend for this job is a good idea. You need someone who knows what they’re doing and is answerable to you.

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