How much do you charge for damage/repairs/replacements?

We had a stay recently where the guest destroyed one of our Adirondack chairs. We had to replace it and get it that day for the next guests.

Since we are a business; how does everyone go about handling the charges?

  • Pay for the chair/item
  • Pay for the time/travel to get the item
  • Pay for installation (This is time we must take out of our own day to repair install… ya, not applicable to a chair, but to other install items)

EDIT: If I’m not collecting on travel, by the time the year is up I’m likely out a good chunk of change.

We don’t have a store close by and had to go 30 miles to pick up the chair. This costs gas, as well as time. When I broke something on an AirBnB stay, I went out and bought a replacement and notified the host what I had done and that it was replaced.

As always; thank you for your input!

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Assuming you are going to charge anything I would just charge the replacement cost of the actual chair. Do you know how it broke? If it wasn’t negligence I wouldn’t charge anything. Wear and tear is going to occur.

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Usually the only person to pay is the Host.

Whether any money can be reclaimed, well that would be an Insurance issue or down to the generosity of the Guest.

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We’ve only had the chairs for about 4 months. Pretty sad that someone would break something and just shrug it off.

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Well, Coho if the guest will pay up voluntarily, lucky you. If you have to involve Airbnb with a claim, you will most likely be out of luck if you had other Airbnb guests stay since then due to the fine print for claims.

We claim on the insurance if the damaged article costs more than the deductible. Otherwise, wear and tear.

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We had to replace items broken/stolen by a guest and it was an hour each way into/from town. ABB refused to include payment for travel time, and only reimbursed the actual item cost.

You are the sort of guest that we’d welcome with open arms! I don’t know about where you are, but in Europe a lot of this style of furniture is imported in from China still. About 15 years ago we bought a large set for our house in France, in France. Mr Joan set it up in the garden, sat down on one of the chairs, which collapsed instantaneously. The wood had been cut diagonally across the planks. Thankfully no splinters needing removal, and it was replaced with good grace.

If you are in the US and you pay taxes, then the travel to replace it is deductible, as is the chair itself. If they’re expensive enough (which I thought Adirondacks are), you could probably also depreciate them over their expected lifetime. If Airbnb reimburses you for the replacement cost of the chair, then of course you can only deduct the difference.

I took an Airbnb and Taxes class two weeks ago and plan to get really serious about running my space 100 pct like a business.