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How much could you be making on Airbnb?


Hey all, just wanted to let you know our team at Everbooked has just released a new comps tool that allows you to easily check out your local Airbnb scene. Quickly see how places like yours (or the one you may be thinking about listing on Airbnb) are priced, and what kind of bookings they’re getting. You can access it here free: https://www.everbooked.com/comps and get more even more info as a user: https://www.everbooked.com/app/signup. ***Note: current coverage is Major U.S. Metropolitan Areas.

How would you use this tool?

What’s the most valuable thing about it?


Such a shame that you’re advertising your product to a broad market and yet you don’t even support most of the cities in Airbnb’s top 10 markets…


Such is the nature of our business Wilburforce - we focus our communications when and where we can toward the people in our coverage area. Are you from outside of one of the major U.S. metros? We continue to expand coverage and keep a list so we can notify folks when we come to their area: https://www.everbooked.com/cities .


Looks cool, I’ll check it out!


Not just outside major U.S. metros, but outside U.S. In a capital city though….


thanks - will look into this!


Hi Wilburforce, at Hostaways we intend to include all locations that have more than 200 listings. You can try it for free by signing up for the beta.


So, you’re operating in Australia. Is that correct?


Hi! I work with a company called Pillow Homes and it provides comprehensive Airbnb management services so that homeowners can rest easy and maximize their income. One tool Pillow uses is a proprietary pricing algorithm that adjusts rental rates daily, based on overall occupancy rates and major events happening in the market. This algorithm allows Pillow to ensure that the properties they manage have rates that are constantly competitive with hotel rates and other short-term rental rates in the market.

Pillow Homes can also provide a projection report to homeowners, providing estimates of a home’s income potential on the short term rental market. The projections assume maximum occupancy rate, but still, they’re compelling - especially when compared with the potential income from longer-term leases.

Send an email to info@pillowhomes.com if you’re interested in a free revenue analysis for your listing. They’ll send you over a really neat Pillow analysis on what your airbnb property should be earning. Included in the analysis you can see projected occupancy levels by month, monthly earnings, and a lot of other really valuable information.

I was recently informed that homeowner make 15% more on their properties when they use Pillow compared to when they manage it themselves, so they are actually getting the service free of charge. Pretty cool!

Also, here is a promo code for Pillow services: AirbnbHosts206 (First 3 Bookings 0%)

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