How much consumables and linnens do you supply?

Hi Guys - First bookings start this week which is exciting. I have a 1 bedroom condo that will be renting out a pretty regular basis. Curious as to many linens / towels / toilet paper / napkins etc you provide typically?

Here are my bookins thus faar

Ive got 3 adults staying for 2 nights
Ive got 2 adults 1 kid staying for 3 nights
ive got 1 gentleman stayin 19 days.

Any insight as to what is too much, too little or deemed acceptable?

Thank you

I have 3 fitted sheets and 3 duvet sets per bedroom. (I get alot if 1 or 2 night bookings so far. I started a month ago :slight_smile: ) they cost £13 each for the duvet sets and £6 each for ghe fitted sheets.

I have like 10 towels. About £15 egyptian cotton.

I buy toilet roll in bulk 144 rolls for £20. Lasts forever. Haha

I buy cheap big bottles of hair and shower products they are like 50p per 500ml.

Should probably add. Out of the 12 bookings only 1 used the towels and only 1 used the shower products.

How many of these items do you make available to your guests Paul?

As a general rule for short stays, I leave:

Three bath towels
Three handtowels plus one extra in the bathroom
Four facecloths
(There are extra ones in the linen closet).

Three fresh toilet rolls
One fresh roll of paper towel
Two linen napkins.

One set of spare linens (pillowcases, fitted sheet and duvet cover) in the linen closet. Also two beach towels and plenty of toiletries in the bathroom.

There is also a plentiful supply of coffee and tea, plus pantry items.

It’s a one bedroom apartment. For stays of longer than eight days, I offer guests a free linen/towel change in the middle of their stay.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Well I should point out that I live in the property. So it’s all available in a cupboard in the bathroom.

If I wasn’t living here I would cap the amount of stuff just encase they decided to steal 144 rolls of toilet paper haha

But yeah I would probably leave 10 rolls and a few bottles in the place and top up as nessesary. But towels I would probably leave a couple per person. I think thats reasonable enough.

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I live in the house also. There are a huge pile of towels, face cloths and maybe 5 washcloths in their bathroom, and more in their cupboard. I always make sure there is a fresh roll of TP on their TP stand, and 3 rolls in the covered basket. There are paper towels under the sink in their bathroom. I’ve never had anyone go through an abnormal amount of towels or washcloths. I keep no toiletries in my shower at all, but there are Burts Bees shampoo, conditioner and body wash in a basket next to the shower. As well as an all purpose liquid soap for men, a basic moisturizer, qtips, cotton balls, toothpaste (only cause I have a ton of travel sizes, when they run out I won’t leave for guests). I limit guests to a max of 4 nights (cause I need my alone time!) so I don’t change the linens.

I also find it useful to leave Clorox wipes, that blue loo stuff and bleach in the bathroom. Not everyone uses them but I LOVE guests who leave the bathroom clean :slight_smile:


OH yeah…that’s under the sink also. Plus I have some of that Poo-Pourri stuff…guests love it lol.

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Omg that stuff is hilarious. Never heard of it before. Haha

“Before you go and no one else will ever know”

Hahaha. It hasn’t seen me after a curry. :stuck_out_tongue:


Get some :slight_smile: It works!


I leave:
-1 bath towel, 1 face towel, 1 washcloth per guest that I change every three to four nights
-I don’t leave extra linens but change them once a week
-1 roll of paper towel + 1 under the sink, 2 tea towels, 1 sponge, 4 or 5 microfiber cloths, various cleaning products. Some guests wipe the toilets and washbasin before their check-out. I also leave a vacuum cleaner (it is one of many mandatory equipments as per local regulations for vacation rentals), and to my surprise some guests vacuum the whole apartment.
-A small cupboard in the toilets is filled with rolls
-Make-up wipes, q-tips, tissues. Hand soap, shower gel, shampoo in large refillable pump bottles

@John, I leave one set per person plus an extra set (washcloth, face and bath towels), so, if there are two guests I will leave 3 sets (I assume women may want an extra towel for their hair). I leave 2 brand name soaps, mini toothpaste,mini shampoo and conditioner, dental floss and a liquid soap pump. I don’t leave extra sheets, but I always place 4 pillows o the bed. For longer stays, I assume guests will use the washer and drier to wash their towels. Frequently, most towels are left unused, as well as the toiletries. I leave 3-4 extra rolls of toilet paper. Wishing you success in your airbnb experience!!

Linens, towels and paper products are items that you want to make available to all your guests in order to ensure they have a great stay. I always recommend having a locked closet with a keyless entry to store all of your extra items. This way if a guests requests another towel or TP, you can just give them the code to get what they need. We’ve seen extra supplies walk away when they are left out and found a supply closet to be a great way to limit excessive supply costs while giving a guest the ability to get more if they really need it.