How much commission does Airbnb charge guests?

Hi I have just started with airbnb after 10 years with HA and TA, which had both been declining, so far so good (15 bookings in 2 weeks) but I’m not clear how much the guest is actually paying, and so how much I am effectively paying Airbnb as commission.

Where can I find the end price they pay? I think it comes through on the initial notification but then disappears?

From a quick calculation it seems closer to 20% than the 12% I’ve seen quoted. I’d like to make a spreadsheet to make a more accurate calc but now I can’t find the end prices again.

Say you charge 40 per night.

Guest pays: 40 x 1.12 = 44.8 (round up) = 45
Host gets: 40 x 0.97 = 38.8 (round up) = 39

To find out how much they pay, in the app on the booking where it says reservation cost click the question mark.


Thanks for your reply. I have now done the calculations

Based on the percentages you gave, the mark up should be 112/97 = around 15.3% - 15.5% (give or take rounding).

I have found that for me the average is 17.4%, the lowest being 15.9% and the highest being 19.5%. The exact markup seems to be random, not relating to length of stay, price or any other factor I can see.

So my conclusion is that Airbnb is taking an additional 2% on average on top of what they say they are taking.

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There is also an upcharge on that fee if the guest found your listing via a Google ad.

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… i forgot about this fee!!