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How many views are you getting per day/week?

My views have dramatically decreased over the past few months. I was seeing 40+ views some days now I’m down below 10. I’m in Santa Monica, CA but was wondering what other people are getting in other cities.

I live in Seattle and during peak season get 40-100 views a day. During off season hardly any.

How can you see how many views you’ve gotten? Sorry I’m just starting as a new host.

@Jingste - go to your dashboard, then to ‘stats’. If you scroll down, you’ll see a graph. Hover over any column in the graph and it will show your hits for that day. You can choose between seeing which days are looked at for availability or how many hits your listing received on any specific day.

The same thing has happened to me and lots of other hosts I’ve discovered from reading posts on here. My problem is is that I can’t see my listing when I search for it for 2 night stays so I assume potential guests don’t see it either. For some reason 3 days + is fine, it shows up but that’s no good because lots of people used to book for 2 nights! Both my views and my bookings have dropped in numbers recently:( maybe you should check your listing for 2 night stays…

Do you have a minimum number of nights set? You should check under your booking settings. If you cannot find it on a search, then I would call AirBnB support as this is a serious issue for your listing.

I have a minimum of 2 nights set, I’ve tried taking it off and researching but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. On the dates my listing doesn’t show for 2 nights it doesn’t show for 1 either. It’s only if I put in 3 or more that it will show. Oh believe me I’ve been on to them!! I’ve written many emails and had to keep at it to be taken seriously. They now say they are aware of the problem and are working on it but cannot give me any indication of how long it will take! Not great since its been ongoing for almost 2 weeks but what can I do but wait…

That is terrible and very frustrating. I would try setting minimum nights to one and see what happens. I have noticed that it takes a long time for changes to propagate through the system. It may not remove the weird bug… but maybe it will? What do you have to lose? I would also try calling on the phone. And tweeting. Multiple modes to be the squeaky wheel

Whatever you do stay away from the Airbnb Stats. They will make yourself running crazy!

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Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll try again setting it to one night minimum although I’m reluctant to leave it too long like that because I don’t really want 1 night bookings…a lot of work involved for a small return!

My dashboard NEVER shows more than 2 views per day! And it never shows days that I got reservation requests!

Hi @brook2adks

Are you saying that’s inaccurate? I’m also getting very few views here, but I’m a new host, so I’m not sure what to expect. And I have no way of knowing whether it is accurate.

Sorry, I’m not sure what that means. What doesn’t it show?

Thanks, Faheem

I did an experiment last year. Posted to the link to one of my message boards, asked my friends there to click on it and read through it on a certain day. 18 people clicked on the link and read through it, scrolled through the photos etc. I waited a few days to see stats, and on that day, it showed I had one view. The only thing I can think of is that if people are not logged in to airbnb, it doesn’t count the page view? Only 2 of the people who clicked on the link have airbnb accounts, and they never responded when asked if they were logged in.
When you get a reservation request on a certain date, in your statistics, there will show a yellow dot on that day. It finally happened on my stats for the first time ever yesterday.

Hi @brook2adks,

If that’s true, that’s a pretty daft definition of page view. Did you ask Airbnb about it? Does anyone else have anything to add?

Actually, inquiries show up as a yellow dot. I have had 3 inquiries, but no reservations. And I currently have two dots - I just checked.

If you get reservations, but no yellow dots, you should complain to Airbnb. But based on what I’ve seen of the site, they don’t have the world’s best software design/engineering people.

This appears to be true. See https://twitter.com/AirbnbHelp/status/616358605697208321
which says:

@matt_sommer The dashboard counts unique Airbnb user accounts, so if someone clicks the link and isn’t logged in they won’t tick.

Of course, this may have changed since.

ABB probably doesn’t count views from non-logged in visitors as they’re not seen as serious browsers. If you’re serious about finding a place to stay you’ll likely be logged in.

It would be nice to see raw hits though. I’d bet that number is 10x what it is for logged in users.

Their hit counts are just inaccurate. The browser view count under stats is way lower than the views shown in the app. By more than 20x in my case.

If it’s so inaccurate, they should fire their software people.

And I just installed the Airbnb app. I don’t see a detailed per day breakdown of views on the app, just a summary number. Am I looking in the wrong place?

In the app it’s just cumulative for the month as far as I can see

If you mean just the number of views for the month, then that is the same number I am seeing. But how do you know whether that number or the web version is more accurate? Maybe the app is counting just page views from unique IP addresses or something.

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