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How many sheets and quilt covers can they possibly ruin?!



Thanks for the tips on where to get affordable bedding and towels. It seems the generally consensus is white.


Thanks for the tip, it sounds like I need to get some Oxyclean.


Sharing a deal. I mentioned in a prior message in this thread that I troll https://www.zulily.com for bedding specials.

They’ve got one going. 4 day–quilt sets (quilt & pillow shams) $28 and less. I’ve learned the hard way–buy it when you see it because by day 4, most will be sold out.

I think you must provide them with your email to gain access to the site.

Here are samples in case you want to check out the website. I actually have the quilt in the first picture. It is much prettier than the picture. Summer weight quilt–very thin.


To add to Annet3176 post I can highly recommend the Southshore quilt set on Overstock or the exact same product on Wayfair called Savin Quilt Set. I have the taupe, which is a sandy brown, and the light blue. Great product nicely oversized and cheap (but not cheaply made). Washes up well (I machine wash in a machine without an agitator and line dry).

Looks a lot like the “White Stephanie Etched Quilt Set” above but is small quilted squares not diamonds.

They are lightweight so I pair them with a comforter folded at the bottom of the bed. Have had only compliments about bedding.


I wish they had cotton. All I see is polyester. Overstock doesn’t ship to Hawaii. Not sure about way fair.



They’ve got 100% cotton. Search cotton quilt set. Prices are discounted but because of cotton more expensive. Based out of Seattle, ship internationally so I can’t imagine they wouldn’t ship to HI since they are based in WA. My experience with shipping is reasonable.


Any tips for getting self tan out? I have lost hundreds of dollars on beautiful, virtually new white cotton linens/towels only to have them ruined by self tan, and the (old) cleaner never reported it, so couldn’t claim.
Have even tried hydrogen peroxide with no luck :frowning:


Not much more info here than what you’ve already tried but:

How to Remove Self-Tanner Stains From Just About Everything

How To Remove Self Tanner Stains From Your Bedsheet

How to Clean Fake Tanner from White Sheets

You might try good old fashion Borax


thanks Bunny - Borax is always my first go-to but alas, it didn’t work.
I’ve been peroxiding the stain every day for the last few days and it’s starting to fade, but at this point, I’m not sure how much is too much, regarding whether it will eat the fabirc (they are commercial grade, thick cotton sheets, so hoping they last).


Sharing a deal I found on Woot (Woot is a divisio of Amazon having daily & while supplies last, super discounted items). 1400 thread count 53% 47% cotton/poly blend sheets $5 shipping is for all /as many items as you buy / not per item. Variety of colors including white

[](DDD Home 6-Piece 1400TC Sheet Set - $25.99 + $5 standard shipping https://home.woot.com/offers/ddd-home-6-piece-1400tc-sheet-set-4?utm_source=wootappatlanta&utm_medium=share)


Sale a, not sure where you are but I swear by a produ t called LA totally awesome. It even gets dog diarrhea spots out of rugs! I use it on everything!


I nominate you Annet to start our daily steals thread! :wink:

Do you ever peruse hip2save.com?


So you just throw in a cup of vinegar at the same time as the laundry detergent? There’s no lingering odor? I’ll have to try this as my fluffy towels seem to be hard. I’ve decreased the amount of detergent and made sure they’re dried completely in the dryer based on other things I’ve read, but they are still kind of crunchy.


No, you just use the vinegar by itself because the point is to strip the build-up of detergent. I was sceptical at first and thought they would smell like a fish and chip shop (!) but honestly, they smell really fresh. It doesn’t always work straightaway, though. You need to do it several times and some of my scratchy towels still don’t respond but it’s definitely worth a try.


I use vinegar and baking soda to soften new sheets. Works wonderfully but mind you - you don’t want to put the vinegar and baking soda in at the same time!

How to Soften Stiff New Sheets


yep, we use vinegar here instead of fabric softener.


I also use vinegar in the dryer with drops of essential oil on an old sock with a dryer ball inside.

After one year, I hadn’t had any stains, then it was three guests in a row. Only one told me about their child’s Band-Aid coming off and staining the sheets.

I have grey fitted sheets, some dove some charcoal. Towels are striped and grey. Only problem is, the dust and lint is also darker. LOL


Wow bunny, that’s disheartening. You may have solved a mystery, though. I have dark grey towels and I have gotten bleach type marks on them and couldn’t figure out why as there’s no bleach near the washer.


Yeah I’m about to go all white. Last new set I had to buy was white. So boring at least to me but hopefully they will last longer provided I can keep them white enough for my standards.

I did recently read this with regard to discolored sheets - ProActive and other Benzoyl Peroxide containing products might not be to blame for all discoloring:


Curious if you have ever used the security deposit option via the Airbnb to recover costs for ruined linens or additional cleaning time? I did once when some allowed their geriatric dog to sleep with them (despite “no dogs on beds” rule) and left a pee stain + some blood spots. I asked for and got $50 for the additional time needed to bring the linens and mattress cover back to stainless. But this summer, every single guest group has left orange stains (sun-tan oil I presume) on the sheets and pillow cases that have trebled the time allotted for laundry and some stains haven’t come out (I’ve found soaking the linens in bleach is the only thing that works but two pillow cases have already rotted into holes as a result; I plan on trying hydrogen peroxide and Oxyclean next time - as there WILL be a next time!).

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