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How many of your guests leave reviews?

I really haven’t had that many bookings from Air since May of this year…maybe 6. Two of them did not leave me a review. Both were newbies with no reviews themselves. Both left the cabin in excellent condition so I felt that I owed them a nice review. One guest’s mother “thought” my partner had entered the cabin when they were gone. She was incorrect as I asked him just to make sure he hadn’t. That is a big huge NO NO for me. I guess they didn’t believe me…it’s a strange story of how she thought something was moved in the hall closet. After I went over there to clean…I saw the mistake she had made and light heartedly explained what her mother thought she saw. No review. Of course I would rather have no review than a review stating that the owner walks in the cabin when it is being rented.

The last guests said what a wonderful time they had and how they want to come back. No review.

Are newbies not in the least curious what review you have left them?? I would be curious as hell to know what a host said about me before the end of the 14 days. I guess I will just take it that the last guest may not have been happy about something? I wonder if guests just butter up the host saying how they can’t wait to come back…hoping host will leave a glowing review? Wouldn’t you want to know what a review of you said?

I’ve only had 2 guests out of 43 not leave a review. One set that didn’t review were the most ungracious, unappreciative, foul guests I’ve ever had. The other set were traveling for another few weeks and I assume they didn’t get to it. The vast majority of my guests are newbies and my place is the first time they’ve used Air. I book return guests directly and so we skip the review process the second, third time around.

But I hear it’s quite common to have a 70% review rate (that is, 3/10 don’t leave reviews at all).

I had 63 guests, and I have 35 reviews. All of the guests I left reviews , reviewed me. Some guests left reviews fir me without me reviewing them

I have had hundreds of Air guests over the past five years and of those, 73 left a review. Not sure the percentage, but I believe it is quite low.

I am new on Airbnb. 2 bookings, 0 reviews, both newbies (who I did give positive reviews). I would like reviews but I really don’t care. After several hundred bookings on VRBO and HA I have only 18 reviews (5*) so as long as I get a few good reviews per year I don’t worry about it at all.

Out of 26 only 1 has neglected to leave a review. I have almost 100% ‘newbies’…

Okay, I just rechecked all my guest stays through Air. There have been 28 bookings and 23 have left a review. But 3 of the last 6 have not left a review. Two I left a review and one I chose not to review. The one I chose not to review raved about her stay too.

KIKC…has the 14 days passed since both of your newbie guests have left?? IF so…what gets me is why the guest does not seem curious enough to know what the review of them says.

Does anyone have any reasoning for why guest isn’t curious??

Is there a way to find this number out on your stats?

Also, do any of you purposely try to review first, or do you wait for the guest to review you first??

I am almost considering only leaving a review if the guest does. I want to leave great reviews for those who take excellent care of the place, but selfish me says not to waste my time if they don’t want to take a few minutes to review me. I really thought leaving a review first would prompt the guest to want to see their own review. I was wrong.

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Not sure. I counted mine by hand since it’s not that many

I’ve been debating this for the past few weeks. We had a really lovely guest for a weekend and we chatted at the end and I mentioned leaving a review etc. I left a review first and now almost two weeks later - nothing in return. I’ve had this before, and I do send them a nice message afterwards about leaving a review. Nothing.

Out of the 32 people we’ve had only 26 have left reviews.

I never leave one first… unless I have had an actual “I’ll leave a good review if you do” discussion with the guest. Too much risk otherwise… As I have learned, even the so-called nicest ones in the world have smacked me with a backhanded compliment. So I make SURE it will glow before asking for one!

I have discussed here many times what to do if I want to leave a bad one.

Most of the time I don’t leave a review.

Thank you for everyone’s feedback…sooo appreciate it! The million dollar question is why a newbie guest would not be curious to read what review is left for them? Are guests no longer receiving this notification and maybe only hosts are?

Would it not drive the rest of you nuts to wonder what someone publicly said online about you being a guest???

funny eh as all the guests that didn’t leave reviews were newbies. maybe they intend on never using the service again.

If you left a review for your guest, they will get to see the review whether or not they wrote one for you. The difference is, if they don’t write a review, they have to wait the 14 days in order to be able to see what you wrote.

We try to write the review as soon as possible but a few times, our guests have written one first:)

We’ve reviewed 47 guests
46 guests have written a review
48 total guests

I am sure our numbers will fluctuate with time.

About 50% leave reviews - I don’t push them, Air does that alredy with about 4 emails I think

Right Suzette…guest cannot see the review until after 14 days. Why do you think a newbie would not be curious to know what a host wrote about him?? I’m trying to figure that out and Kirsty came up with one reason…maybe they really don’t plan to use the service again.

Any ideas?


With 50% leaving reviews, how many of the other 50% do you usually review?

It’s frustrating. Only this week I have decided I’m going to wait for the X has left a review email from Air before writing one in return. The system isn’t fair in that regard.

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