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How many listings can one host have?

I have heard so much conflicting information. And I even thought Airbnb’s own terms at one point said that each host can only have one listing.

Yet, I hear all the time that hosts have multiple listings. There is a property manager in my area with at least 10.

Then I hear at one point that Airbnb doesn’t want property managers or hosts with multiple listings. Then I hear at another point that Air is tryint to recruit those same people.

So which is it?

We have 3 listings with different addresses. We will soon be adding a second listing, guest house, to one of our currently listed properties. I have never heard of ABB not allowing multiple listings, unless you are in a city SF/NYC where local laws prohibit more than one rental per person.

Edit: These are all our own homes, and not managed for other people.


I wonder if I maybe read in terms that hosts can only have one account. And I was thinking that meant listing…


I think that may have been it

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Airbnb even says in the FAQ that you can create multiple listings. They don’t stop you making more than one either.

You can definitely have multiple listings. And as for multiple accounts? Well maybe they mean only one at a time but as we saw with she who shall not be named, you can close one account and open another one easy peasy.


Be careful!! This thread may get closed if you speak her name :joy:


To summon, repeat the name. 3 times, remember…


I think it depends on your city. I have two listings in NY but one is a private apartment and one is a private bedroom. I know Airbnb was closing listings down if you had more than one private apartment in NY.

I also know of hosts who have more than 15 listings but it’s in NJ.

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I have 10 listings, all apartments in the same same building (my building).

These apartments were already rented as holiday homes before we started using AirBnB, we also have a commercial license, etc etc etc.

For us AirBnB is just another sales channel.

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