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How many listing views

I’ve seen it mentioned here, but don’t know how to see how many potential guests have viewed my listing? Can someone tell me how to do this?

Yes - go to your dashboard. At the top, on the left, is the word ‘stats’.

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It’s on the Stats page, scroll down to the bottom for Views.

Snap! Yes I know, posts must be …

Thank you! I don’t know if I will be encouraged or discouraged by what I find out. Haha!

It also tells you under performance on the app. But the numbers are different than the website. So it’s unclear which stats are real.

I have the app on my Kind!e not an iPhone. So far I’ve looked at the regular site and the app dashboard and help settings and can’t find Stats or Performance options anywhere.

I’ve been tracking the views and found that the difference is whether the views were done on a desktop vs a mobile device.

If you look at the stats on your computer, you should also see that it says they may be delayed by up to 3 days, whereas on mobile, the views are actual.

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