How many hours a week do you spend managing?

Great article from HomeAway about latest Vacation Rental trends. One that stuck out to me was that homeowners spend just under 10 hours a week managing their rental.

How much time do you all spend?

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On average I would say 4 hours cleaning, 1 hour waiting for guests and welcoming them, 1 hour doing miscellaneous stuff (buying consumables or equipments, updating the listing, answering inquiries…), so 6 hours per week on average.

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3 hours cleaning, 1 hour transporting, 1 hour socializing X 2 turnovers per week on the average = roughly 10 hours per week.

4 hours a week. …

around 10 hours including cleaning but the goal is to get soon someone to do it so it will be around 1-2 hours max after that

Where is your property located? How are you going to find the best person to do it for you?

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Our place is in Sweden.
It’s easy we will recruit a person that is recently arrived in Sweden (85% of the salary paid by the state for 2 years). They are many,many people looking for a job that are also taking swedish courses.

We had just started are our earning are at 25k-50k sek gross per month for a 90 square appartment. I can’t see a rental company to pay more (plus less tax doing as private)

About 4 hours per week now after bumping the minimum stay requirement and doubling up on sheet and towel sets. Before, it was as much as 20-30 when we were having back to back one-nighters last summer.

About 8 hours a week (most of that trying to control the pool and garden) … and then another 8 hours on this forum!!


I spend at least 6-7 hrs/week on just this forum!