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How many coffee Pods

Hi Everyone this is a silly question but I have a Nespresso coffee machine in my airbnb and wondering how many pods I should leaving for guests?
The days of instant were so much cheaper!

We have disc things not pods but the same applies, I guess. Our rental sleeps two so I leave two per day so that both can have one cup per day. I tell guests to ask me if they need more but that rarely happens. I also supply a cafetiere so that guests can buy their own favourite coffee to use and they do this more often than not.

I generally account for 2-3 per day per person over 14 and thankfully some drink none to make up for the over users. I also refer them to the fab Neapresso store in the city a quick tram ride away if they want more. I would also strongly recommend the cheaper faux Nespresso pods if you need to save money. Some people actually ask me for instant which I don’t have. I have coffee for a plunger/stove top espresso for my European guests & sachets of cappuccino (instant style & sweetened) for my Asian guests. I suggest having some of these other cheap n easy options too so nobody can complain.

I switched from Nespresso to Nescafé Dolce Gusto. If you’re in Europe Dolce Gusto pods are available at any supermarket therefore guests may buy more if needed, and the coffee is just as good.

That being said, I leave a variety of pods (from ristretto to americano), plus chocolate milk, 12 pods in total (my typical guests are a couple with 2 kids for 2 to 3 nights). For longer stays I refill if guests take care of the apartment.

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