How many beds in the master?

So I’ve got a large 5 bedroom home I’m going to rent out. It is 3 stories and the set up goes like this

1st floor bedroom: queen bed
2nd floor bedroom 1: two queens
2nd floor bedroom 2: two queens
2nd floor bedroom 3: (master) 1 king
3rd floor bedroom: bunk beds

My question is: the master is huge like 16’x21’ and it’s so big we were going to put a sitting area as well. The other two bedrooms upstairs are 13.5’x12’. These two bedrooms are a little tight with two queens but definitely doable. Should we keep it as is or put the queen in one of the smaller bedrooms and put two queens in the master? Not sure if having two beds in the master is weird.

I stayed in a place in PHX, and they used what was designed as the Master as the bunk room, all the other bedrooms had queen beds. Another option to think about. Does the third floor have a bathroom with a shower?

So you’re saying you have 8 beds in a 5 bedroom home with a 14 person capacity? That seems like too much. How many bathrooms do you have? It sounds like you’re planning on renting the entire home and not individual rooms, correct? 14 people is a big group. I’d be afraid of parties and damage occurring from those parties along with complaints from neighbors. I’d only put one bed per bedroom except for the bunk beds.

seems too small for 2 queen beds. Better to go with one bed and a sitting area

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Depending on the location this is not unusual. You see houses with capacity in the 20’s often.

3rd floor has a half bath

I think a queen is a 5 foot wide bed? Yep it would be weird to have 2 in a room, why? Try one queen plus a single daybed which would allow flexibility for friends and family.