How low do you go when your calendar is empty?

And do you think it’s not worth going any lower?

I don’t change things that way. I have a set minimum that means we break even, and will never go below that amount. Frankly I think it’s silly to constantly juggle prices.

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thing is, I’ve gone from this

to this

What month is the first one? Where are you based? And whats your property?

If Im not booked I go for lowest in my area for same amount of guests.

I thought Brighton was pretty much a year round destination.

first month July (August was the same), weekends only in September, October looking bleak!
Brighton should be all year, but I suppose there’s more ‘beach’ stuff in Summer, all closed down now, till May.
I’ve trimmed my prices a bit, so no worries, just wondering if anyone has a formula! :slight_smile:

Trim the weekdays but keep the Saturdays up. People tend to book more last minute after summer. Maybe message few previous guests for a review if they havent already? I believe it’ll get you higher in search results


What about updating your guidebook with Autumn stuff like clubs, beer festivals and shopping. It might get you higher in the rankings.

How low??? I never go low. If ever I have a gap, usually due to a cancellation rather than simply no bookings, then I promote the listing to get it booked up.

As I’ve posted elsewhere, I don’t do much lowering of prices. Given that my market is very different from yours my experience probably doesn’t apply.

The difference between my average highest price and my average lowest price is about 15%. Some of that is seasonal adjustment, some of it is tweaking prices to keep my listing looking active.

What is the difference in pricing already between the first month, July, and the second, October? Your location must be somewhat seasonal?

Probably worth estimating the depreciation , wear and tear, utility costs , labour and then work out a minimum breakeven point. For me, anything less than $95 a night before cleaning fee is not worth my time.


Although I haven’t done it for years, there is something to be said for a break-even stay. (Never, ever a loss stay). Quite often (if handled properly) break-even guests can become regulars or can recommend you to their friends. It’s not worth it when you’re an established host but can help beginners who are still building up their business.

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For me I will go to a break even price during the midweek in winter (off season) if the calendar looks empty. I get some great repeat semi-local business people that way. They really help me through the slow season. They also tend to appreciate the great deal, leave the place super clean and rarely touch any of the beverages/goodies.

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Good question. I’m thinking about that too. My peak rental season has ended. We are recovering from a hurricane. So understandably, things are slow.

My November & December are empty. My neighbor is renting her 2BR2BA unit for $50 USD a night!!! You can’t find a hotel for less than $100. I think she is too low, however she has bookings and at something going to offset her fixed costs of utilities & HOA dues. I think if my December stays empty, I will go to lower prices too.

I’d lowered the mid week price before I posted this thread, and have now lowered it again having read the ‘no harm in breaking even’ posts.

I might even consider STARTING a guide book!

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@Barns knows the area and should therefore market to the people who are likely to be going to Brighton during the winter months. As I remember, Brighton Beach isn’t much cop anyway - too pebbly and full of seagulls trying to nick your crisps.

Brighton is a year-round location. Aren’t there theatres? Contact them and see if there are theatre workers or actors coming into town. I’ve sometimes had directors and stage managers etc. from plays and musicals that are visiting the local theatre.

I bet that Brighton visitors’ bureau or whatever they are can let you have details of conferences and events that are taking place over the winter. And does the vintage car thingy still happen? The drivers always look bundled up so it’s probably in the cooler months.

And speaking of which, Brighton is a movie venue too - Brighton Rock and London to Brighton.

And you’re only about an hour away from London, I think? Promotion ideas galore :slight_smile:

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It’s a kind of seasonal town, with a hint of ‘conference town’ and massive university city, and Premier League football team (Spurs beat us 2 - 1 yesterday) so it still has a lot of visitors off peak.
I think a price drop now that the sun has gone in will help.