How long is Per-approval for the guest?

I’ve received an enquiry for my guest room for a months stay. I have responded to the enquiry and it’s availability and issued a ‘pre-approval’ as I understand the host must respond in a day (I’m new to this :)). Does the guest have a response deadline as well? E.g. A day?

Yes, the pre-approval is valid for the guest for 24 hours. If this expires I believe they have to send another enquiry/request (although I usually assume if they haven’t responded within 24 hours they’ve found somewhere else… or it’s a red flag as I prefer more responsive guests!)

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Also, after you issue the pre-approval, someone else can book on your listing, you can accept them, then the pre-approval is automatically removed.


Thank you for your advise :slight_smile: that’s great to know!!