How long does it take for an resolution mediated by Airbnb to occur?

So my host wanted me to leave (long story) and I agreed eventually.

However, I think he cheated me because he made me cancel the reservation and I think he was supposed to cancel it himself. I learned about the Airbnb resolution center and asked for the next month’s rent back (plus a few days) and then he declined it, saying that Airbnb would contact me. I escalated it to Airbnb’s staff.

I’m worried because I am kind of low on cash so I would like the money back sooner than later.

Hang on, someone asks you to leave their home, for what I can only imagine they felt was a very good reason - clearly they didn’t want you in their home anymore, yet you hung around instead, until eventually agreeing to go? These are the stories that almost make me want to quit hosting. What if I get a guest that I don’t want in my home, and they refuse to leave? The horror.

I can imagine you are worried. It sounds like you have not been the best guest. There’s a possibility the host is a nut job or whatever, but if that was the case, I have a feeling you would have been out of there and on the phone to airbnb, not hanging around and *eventually deciding to leave.

Nonetheless, rest assured that whatever the case may be, airbnb’s ‘trip team’ have a great ability to look over everything, read between the lines, and rule in favor of whoever is in the right. I am not sure if they can force your host to give you a refund on the rest of your stay now, but they can reimburse you if they feel you have been wronged in any way. I have a feeling that your host has very good reasons for having asked you to leave, and was even encouraged by airbnb to ask you to cancel your booking to make it easier policy wise for him/her. Although they can’t physically help kick guests out, they will be on hand to give helpful advice in bad situations, and I will be very very surprised if your host hasn’t been in contact with airbnb from the beginning of the trouble with you, so that they are intimately aware with the issues of this case. It will be near impossible getting your money back sithout strong evidence that you were unable to continue your stay due to a terrible situation that was totally untenable (due to the homes unlivable conditions or the hosts behavior).

I didn’t correctly say it. I mean to say that I would actually instantly leave, but I wanted as much money back as possible from the rest of the stay. I wouldn’t have enough money to change places otherwise and would be on the streets.