How long do you wait to cancel alteration request?

I’m a new host. I had a guest make a request for five nights and even before he arrived was asking to arrive late, and wanted to only stay one or two nights. He checked in extra late … Like four in the morning the next day and checked outafter one night a few hours late. He was a nice guy but a lot of odd requests. Also asked me to write my review as if he’d never stayed but we worked out a refund amicably. He asked to make a change request and pay for only my minimum of two days… Sent me the request but it was fit one night. So I cancelled the change request reand sent back for one night with charges for two nights. Frankly I didn’t want to offer a refund. I can’t book with him not accepting the change request. Also I purchased a new smart lock for him to check in at a weird hour on his own.

It’s been a couple days since he checked out and he didn’t accept the change request, so I cancelled the offer because even though he might be busy, I can’t do anything while it says he’s still staying with me. Is there anything I should consider other than the potential for a bad review?

Hi and welcome to the forum. I’ve read your post but I’m finding it a bit confusing. How many days did he book? He arrived the following day for the previous day’s stay? How long did he stay? Maybe you can boil it down so some of us can try to help. What odd requests?

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I would stick to my cancellation policy. Reviews are a crap shoot. Don’t let the possibility of a poor review let this guy off the hook for his commitment. You provided your part of the contract. If he wanted more flexibility, he should have booked a hotel.
He didn’t follow thru with your generous offer, in fact I think he’s trying to only pay for one night. Contact Airnb and don’t communicate off the Airnb message system, he tied up your place for his booking, you have earned the money.


Welcome @Hostlearning Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience, but you pretty much brought it on yourself. Most of what you did, you should not have…

No late arrivals – especially 4AM! You bought a special lock so he could check in extra late???

No late checkouts! Write the review as if he hadn’t been there??? Refund? All big NO-NOs!! What WERE you thinking?

This guy took you to the cleaners!!! And you’re worried about “potential for a bad review”?

Quote: “I can’t do anything while it says he’s still staying with me.” Of course you can!! Call Air and throw yourself on their mercy!!

Tell yourself “Never, Ever, Again!!!” You should have canceled him when we wanted to check in ‘extra late’ as a Bad Fit!


Thank you for helping answer my question. My original post actually answers some of your questions.

He requested 5 nights. From Thursday to Monday. Checked in Tuesday morning at 4am. Left Tuesday at 2pm.

The odd requests are the checkout times, asking me to refund unused nights, not accepting the change request, and asking me to review him as if he never stayed.

My question was how long would you wait before cancelling a change/alteration request if the guest never accepts.

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@kenh how do you get someone to leave if they’re checking out late? Especially if that person booked five days and is checking out late and hasn’t accepted the alteration, which means they technically booked that day.

Would you cancel the alteration request to refund some money?

@Louise what would you say to air bnb if you contacted them?

So your days are blocked and you had to cancel the alteration request in an effort to get your days unblocked? That’s what I would talk to Airbnb about. If all your communication about this is on the airbnb message system where they can see it they should be able to help you out if that’s what you want. There’s nothing crazy about a 4 am check in for lots of listings. I’ve had them with road trippers that get delayed, run into weather etc. The problem was him deciding to check out late the next day instead of staying several days. You are owed two days payment and get the other days opened ASAP. Any days not opened should be paid for by the guest who can’t be bothered to accept the change request.

Please review guests honestly and don’t make agreements not to. I don’t want to host this fellow and neither does anyone else. He needs a hotel room.

I’m sorry but this makes no sense. Thursday to Monday does not include Tuesday. Help us out here!

@Maggieroni I’m on my phone, either auto correct or just accident. Either way Tuesday was the accident.

His reservation was Thursday to Monday. He only stayed one day.

It should be called accident correct.


What is your cancellation policy?
He booked 5 days, they are paid for.
He can’t get the money without cancelling, or completing a change request.
It’s Saturday, he owes you tues, wed, Thursday Friday, sat
He’s trying to only pay one day, that’s why he didn’t respond to your request.

I would write him a message advising his that as he hasn’t completed the change request, he has blocked the room. And must pay. It’s too,late for him to get any money back. This is your business,