How long did it take you to get the business ready badge?

I have updated my listing to include all of the amenities required for the business ready badge. I already have 33 reviews for my self contained unit (no pets allowed), all 5 star, a 100% response rate within an hour and have reviewed every single traveler that has stayed in my unit, so I think I qualify on that front. I’m wondering how long it takes to be recognized by airBNB as business ready, or if they will tell me that they have reviewed me, but I fall short for some reason. Thank you for any insights you might have!

Got mine right away but dumped it when they informed me I’d have to offer 24 hour check in. No thanks!


Never. I have dogs. They have a separate fenced run on the side of the house and the guests would have to walk round and stick their fingers through a 6 ft chain link fence to even interact with the pooches, but business ready designation does not permit pets on site. Yes, I am big time whining about this rule!

I think it’s an automated process where you must have instant booking as well as certain amenities and you just get it. I had it before but now they force the instant booking so no more.

I would think it would happen quickly but I don’t know. I wonder how much demand there is for business ready. I guess it depends on the area. We thought about doing it and could handle everything except they want business people to have the entire place. We rent rooms, not the whole house. I’m not sure why business people need to not have anyone here. I think having a caretaker around would be beneficial to them. Otherwise, it’s very quiet here; plenty of privacy, no kids or pets running around.