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How is the Superhost 4.8* calculated?


post number 2 comes across as rude and borderline aggressive, ken OFTEN lays down the law by SHOUTING in his posts, “NO YOU WON’T REFUND”, etc. I’ve probably taken a dislike because of his extreme bluntness. He may well mean well, and I have no doubt he is a lovely bloke, but I don’t like his online character. He was the ‘perhaps you should give up hosting’ champion. No need for it.


‘Superhosts have a 4.8 or higher average overall rating based on reviews from at least 50% of their Airbnb guests in the past year’

That seems like a change but I don’t really understand what the 50% refers to. The top 50%? Random 50%?

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I think it means that at least 50% of their stays have to be reviewed.


I guess it could mean that. It could also mean that only the reviews from a certain number of guests are counted (that number not being defined). Perhaps it is deliberately ambigous?

Anyway the good news is that after fiddling around with my listing after ignoring it for 2-3 months I got a booking yesterday. Hopefully things will pick up again soon.


That’s interesting. We have about 1000 posts on the forum of folks, including me, who swear that if you update your listing regularly it helps get bookings. Not 100% agreement here and Airbnb won’t admit to it but it seems that if you tweak the listing regularly it makes you look like an active host. A host with no bookings and no activity looks like they don’t care.

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Yes indeed, it seems like that is the case. Lesson learned! 3 bookings in 1 day after nothing for 2 months.


OK I have the answer to my question.

As of today my average for the next superhost period (Q2 2018 to Q1 2019) is 4.78 (177 stars from 37 reviews). This is higher than it was when I wrote my question (4.73) because my poor Q1 2018 has dropped out of the calculation, and recently all my reviews have been 5*.

And, now it says I am on course to be a superhost again, and it says my score for the period is 4.8.

Therefore it seems to be correct that they round to one decimal place. My 4.73 was rounded down to 4.7 and my current 4.78 is rounded up to 4.8.

So the fact that my score is over 4.75 seems to be enough for them to classify it as 4.8 (ie rounded up).


And so do we. Thanks for returning with this information.


I think you are onto something here… I have been busy, blocking off dates and not updating and getting hardly any Air bookings, Thankfully VRBO fills the voids. Once I get finished with my guesthouse in a couple months I will unblock and tweak and hopefully get more bookings through air. Either way I have come to the realization that Air is not the only game in town and I could care less if I get bookings from them I am meeting my goals regardless.


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I now have an even more precise answer. I got a 4* last week and my average is now 4.75 exactly (ie 4.7500000) for the review period (last 4 quarters). And they tell me I have not achieved superhost status.

So the conclusion is that you need to get above 4.75. In other words 4.750001 or higher.

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