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How frequently do you edit your listing?

I just edited mine again, still not completely happy with it, and I think I sound like a total witch :slight_smile: I find myself editing mine a few times per month.

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I edit mine as and when I think about it. I just did so today. The reason was that the weather in South Florida is getting hotter and I wanted to stress that our rental has very efficient central air conditioning!

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I have to admit I constantly tinker with mine. Usually after a visit here :slight_smile:

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With normal websites, the more you post and make changes, the more active you appear to be to Google and this is no doubt a big factor in SEO. I assume a similar thing may happen with AirBnB. I am a newbie to AirBnB but find I am still making changes every couple of days as I learn. Think of it like copywriting. It may take an author well over 10 drafts to get it right.

Hey, whilst I am talking about copywriting, has anyone ever hired a copywriter to write the initial description and summary? Am considering this as apart from the photos, I feel this is the most essential piece of your description. Yes, even overtaking the price. A good summary can justify or clarify your price request.

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I should hire that job out, my listing doesn’t even make sense to me!

To me, copy is king! A great opportunity for a copywriter to specialise in this area of AirBnB listings. Wish I was a great copywriter as I believe this would be a great opportunity. Am going to check out a few copywriters on freelancer (or Fiverr) for this actual task. Will only need to get one extra booking to pay for it.

Has anyone else used a copywriter for this task? If so, can you refer them (only if they have done an excellent job!)

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Haven’t used one, but there are plenty available on fiverr

Here as well, Maybe add a new rule when a previous guests made me realize I needed one ;).

I have a neighbour who has a photograph of OUR rental on his listing at HomeAway.

I agree :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And needless to say, his guests are often disappointed that they don’t get the one in the photograph!

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Do his HomeAway guests knock on your door?

Yes! He has a keyless entry that uses a phone app. Guests could never get used to it. (Even his cleaner had a hard time with it). So I do get his guests knocking on my door. They are often confused because they think they are getting our rental (which is waterfront) rather than the neighbour’s (which is not). :slight_smile:

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I’m a retired Technical Writer, book and magazine author, and all around wordsmith. I’m pretty pleased with our listing description. I agree that the description (and photos) of your listing are at least as important as your price point.

My partner, Sally, wants to keep tweaking things – adding just one more bit – and I have to hold her in check. Too much detail is almost as bad as too little.

If someone needs a hand, drop me a note: kenhulme at gmail dot com


I work in the advertising industry as a designer, not as a writer.

I thought my post was great with lots of info about every minute detail about the home and surrounding area. Very long and complicated. No wonder guests didn’t end up reading finer points!

I had my listing re written by a good friend who is an awesome advertising copy writer for a well known Sydney agency.

I would recommend other hosts to do really cut back very detailed listings to what’s important.

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