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How far in advance most bookings happen?

When do you get most of your bookings? I live in a place were most bookings come from the business travelers and family visits. Sometimes we get vacation people. What is your experience? How far in advance most bookings happen and what categories most often choose to stay at your place?

Thank you!

Granted, my listing is a bit unusual and caters to vacationers strictly. but inquiries now are for 2018; which causes me to ask myself: who would have a blessed clue what they would feel like doing or even where would they want to go 2 years from now?


We have two whole apartment listings which we rent mainly to vacationers and see the whole spectrum of booking requests.

This Wednesday for example we have guests arriving into one property who booked 16 months ago.

The guests arriving into the other property booked last night.

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Anywhere from same day to 2 weeks for me.

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My guest outside AirBnB book 3 to 12 months ahead, I use AirBnB to fill my gaps and only accept booking within 6 months.

90% of the AirBnB bookings are between 1 and 6 weeks in advance.

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High season: 3 - 6 months in advance.

Gaps: same day - 4 weeks

I have just received an inquiry for NYE 2017/2018…

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Wow, i want to be organized like them when I grow up


3 months max. I only open my calendar for the next 3 months because I like to travel and I might change my mind anytime, so I don’t want to make the commitment of staying in the house when I want to travel (I air private rooms in an apartment)


Just to add, I have people asked me to open the calendar for many far away dates and as late as may 2017, which I didn’t.

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We get a lot of cruisers, I guess they book their accommodation when they book their cruise.

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