How (exactly) is the star rating calculated?

@azreala, if you want I can tell you what my program calculates your star rating. With 175 reviews it can actually take a lot of reviews to change your percentage…

For anyone that stumbles across this posting with the same questions I had. My star rating finally went from 4.5 to 5 stars at 4.75 rating. I calculated the star rating by taking all my reviews, adding up the stars and then dividing that number by the number of reviews. I did it using the undocumented airbnb api and has a program that does it.

If you want me to plug in your listing to my program, post a link to your listing and I’ll let you know how many more reviews you’ll need to get to 5 stars.


Hi Tom,

I just wanted to say thanks for the fantastictool you have made, and for the big effort you have put into it. We just begun as hosts for our small summerhouse in Denmark, and being a bit lazy by nature, I was looking for some sort of automation and inspiration from other hosts on the internet.

You really deserve kudos for what you have done. The information we send now ensures that nothing is omitted, and we combine it with personal messages as well.

I have a question though, since I cannot read java. If using your extended price module it states prices in USD. Is that a hardcoded information, so it will work with our local currency if I choose to switch it on?

Best regards from Denmark
Klavs Skovgaard Lund

Hey Klavs,

Thanks for using Superhost Tools and your kind words. :slight_smile:

I already responded to the email you sent me but I will post the answer here as well for other users that stumble across it.

I have not tested Superhost Tools with other currencies but I think it should work well. It doesn’t set a currency, it sets the price as a number so if you’re using Krone, it should set the price in Krone, it doesn’t do any currency conversions. All my listings use USD so I am unable to test other currencies. If you could verify that it works with other your currency that would be helpful. I will look into the code and see if I can pull the currency from the listing information. It would only be a cosmic change but helpful none the less.


Hi, Tom!
I’m trying to re-engineer your review app though couldn’t yet figure out the api endpoint returning stars. Could you give me a hint? :slight_smile: The only one I found so far are text-only, excluding star ratings…


What are you trying to build exactly? If you want the number of reviews till you’ll get 5 stars I’d be happy to plug your listing Id into my program.


Hi, Tom!
I’m trying to build a crawler like you did to collect a profile’s rating to then calculate its average star rating. I found an endpoint which returns each listing’s star rating but no endpoint returning each review’s detailed rating. Is there any?


Hi Tom – thanks for all the work you’ve put into this. I am also stuck at 4.5 start and can’t figure out why it won’t go up to 5 starts. Could you take a look a my listing and give me an idea of how many more 5 star reviews I need? It doesn’t seem to be budging.
Thanks! Jen

Here is my listing:

@Jen2 Sure! The link you posted just takes me to the Airbnb home page but I’m on my mobile device so maybe that’s why? Do you mind taking a look at the link and make sure it’s correct?

It is not a link to a specific listing.

Hi – that would be great if you could take a look. I’ll try again and see if I can send a more direct link.

Thanks again!

This is what my program returned. Looks like you need 15 more 5 star reviews (which isn’t very many) to make it to 4.75 stars which I think is where your listing will switch from 4.5 to 5 stars.

"reviewCount": 89,
"remaining5StarReviewsTill5StarRating": 15,
"calculatedStarRating": 4.708

Keep me updated on how you’re doing and I’m happy to recheck the calculation anytime. It would be great to verify that 4.75 is the magic number.

Are you doing anything different to get more reviews?

Tom - thanks so much for taking the time to figure out the numbers!
I’ve noticed that my ratings have gone up significanly since I prepared a check in manual with photos. I know there is now a manual on the site - but I’m not convinced that some guests will know to access it. I email a full manual a few days before check in.
It has also helped (significantly) that I switched cleaning services about a year and a half ago. My current cleaning person is very meticulous as opposed to the person I was using previously. I felt awful about letting the first person go but I was convinced that she really just showed up, changed the sheets and then watched a bit of TV. The lady who works with us now really takes pride and an interest in doing a great job.
Thanks again for your help and I’ll let you know when I finally reach 5 stars!

Yeah, a clean listing is super important. A good cleaner is worth their weight in gold!

I’ve been working on getting all 5 star reviews and as many as possible.

The biggest thing that’s helped us is communication. We use which is a free tool I built to automate messages with guests and now half of our reviews mention our great communication. We send a personal message when the guest books then autimated check-in, check-up and check-out messages. It’s funny because it’s automated but think our guests feel like they know us a little better because of all the messages we send. We also message our guests right after leaving them a review telling them we left them a 5 star review and ask them to review us and if they haven’t reviewed us 10 days after checking out, we message them again asking for a review. I track which users haven’t left reviews and now it’s very rare that a guest doesn’t leave a review.

What I’ve realized recently is that reviews are the biggest thing that sets you apart from other listings. It’s not just the star rating but the number of reviews too.

Hi - thanks again for your calculations a few months ago. You gave me hope that now that I have improved things and am primarily getting 5 star reviews it would eventually be reflected on the search page. Just wanted to update you that I just got another 5 star review today and it put me at 5 stars. My stats state that I have 79 percent 5 star reviews and 4.7 stars overall rating.
Thanks again!

Congrats! Thanks for the update. I ran your listing through the code and it looks like your average star rating is 4.725 and you’re listing is showing up as 5 stars. Maybe that’s the tipping point for showing 5 stars. I had thought is was 4.75!

@Jen2 and @wootwoot1234 you do know you can private message each other rather than involving the whole forum in your conversations don’t you :slight_smile:

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Hi wootwoot1234, Great article! Could you please check our listing and let me know the magic number to get back to 5 stars.

@Bill Looks like you’re 3 5-star reviews away from 4.725 stars and 4 5-star reviews away from 4.75 stars. That means you’re 3 reviews away from showing up as a 5-star listing because I think 4.725 is the magic number but please report back so we can verify if the magic number is 4.725 or 4.75.