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How does the rating system make any sense?

This young man tried to rent from me long term… of course he wanted to negotiate around airbnb and get a price at 25% of my asking rate. He ended up getting an apartment in a crappy part of town and now rents on airbnb. The written reviews are terrible but his star ratings are great. This is disappointing as many people don’t read the reviews and considering how hard I work to keep my reviews and star rating up, this is frustrating.

Ick! But I guess if people are paying $35 per night, maybe they are rating solely on the level of accommodation they expected at that price point?

Cockroaches! yuck! :confounded:

And it looks to be a whole apartment for $35 so it’s surprising that anyone books it, especially with those reviews. And I bet he hasn’t got his landlord’s permission either.

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