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How does it work if bathroom is shared

I am renting out my 2 rooms with private baths each.My price is still at the lowest end. It works very well and i can see that people can appreaciate having private bath. Though few of my guests told me that previously they had to share bathroom with a host.
I travelled many times with Airbnb and very rarely i had a bath to my own use. As long as host cleaned it daily and kept it in order i never had problems with sharing if the price was right. Once i stayed in a filthy appartment with disgusting bathroom and then i wished to have my private bath.
SInce I started hosting long terms guests, and i love it, i am looking for a possibiliy to rent my closed in garage.
Its completely finished, pretty large room, noone really use it except for laundry. I have image in my head how i would furnish it, put TV in there and room is ready.

My question is for hosts who do not have private bath for their guests. How does it work? In my case it will be 2 single people sharing a bathroom, and usually in a morning and at night and on a weekends. I am aiming for a working person only who will be at work most of the day.
Also, does your price reflect shared bathroom, and by how much?

I charge $50 usd less for the room with the shared bath than I do for the one with its own bath. The room with the shared bath is also a little smaller than the other.

I was careful to provide the room with a mirror and surface where a woman could put on makeup, so no one would spend a long time making up in the bathroom. So far no one here has worn makeup, but it was a thought.

Thanks for answering, 50$ per day? Or week? I was thinking of charging 75$ less per week

Oh, sorry, $50 less per month - I’m in an inexpensive area. I get $490 for the suite and $440 for the room with shared bath, per month

  1. Just get them to agree between themselves when they will use it for showers/baths. You could have a sign on the door so they know when it’s occupied.

  2. Have a look at your area and see what people are sharing for rooms with and without their own bath to give you an idea of the going rate.

Bathroom locks. I have to go into every lisiting and read if bathroom is private, and often its not even mentioned by owner

My system is the bathroom door is to be left open if no one is in there. That keeps down mold, circulates fresh air, and lets each person know for sure if the room is available without having to knock.

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We rent two rooms in our house. We use the loft as our bedroom, so we have no bathroom of our own. For this reason, even though both rented rooms have bathrooms attached to them, we list both as being shared. Each of these bathrooms has two entrances, one from the public areas of the house, and one from the rented bedroom. Our system is that the guests come first, whenever they want or need to use the bathroom. If they are not using it, the door to the public area is open. If we’re using it, they know we’re there because we turn on the light, and they can see the light from under the door.

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