How does de-listing affect booked reservations?

I may need to de-list my unit but I have booked reservations. Will these reservations cancel automatically when I de-list?

Why are you taking your listing down?

I’m having issues with my HOA and in doing so, may need to stop until this matter is resolved

Is it possible for you to continue till your current reservations have cleared? I assume you have stopped accepting new reservations.

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I will be stopping new reservations, but I want to show that my listing is not up anymore until such time I have resolved my issue. This is why I asked the question about de-listing because I want to do it today but am not sure if it will cancel my booked reservations. I think I will proceed to call Airbnb directly.

You want to think twice before cancelling booked reservations, because it will leave a serious black mark on your listing. Plus it’s not great for the guests, of course. How long have you being running your listing? And do you have many reviews?

I would at a minimum block all future dates. I am not sure about the difference between snooze and delist. If possible, I would snooze… especially if this means your reservations can still continue. I think you will need to call AirBNB, and if I were you, I would call three times to get all three different answers.


Thanks smtucker, I will call ABB. Hopefully if I ever get connected! I’ve been on hold now a couple of times seemingly like for over 20 minutes then the call gets disconnected because no one is able to answer the call.

+1 on the three different answers. :slight_smile: Personally, I’d be tempted to go for an even dozen. :slight_smile:

Try Twitter (or Facebook). Ask them to call you.

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LOL, I will do the FB thing, hopefully we get some answers! Thanks again -

I’ve been a host now for a year and am a super host as well. I love hosting not just for the money but meeting new people and helping them make great vacation memories while staying with me!

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Hi @unltd.ventures176,

You’ll lose SH if you cancel your reservations. If possible I’d clear your current reservations before snoozing your listing. And don’t expect much from Airbnb (based on my admittedly meager experience).

Finally spoke to ABB and they informed me that de-listing will not cancel any booked reservations at all. Katrina who I spoke with said de-listing will take you off their search engines. She says too to write my incoming guests to let them know that you will be welcoming them even if you have de-listed. Question answered.