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How does Airbnb count pageviews?

Does anyone know how Airbnb counts pageviews to your listing?

I’m sending traffic directly to my listing, but not seeing it reported on the dashboard. Wondering if Airbnb counts pageviews differently then the rest of the internet…

Also noticing today that I’m seeing a big discrepancy between what their website and their mobile app reports. The website seems to be reporting significantly fewer views.

Wondering if anyone else has noticed this?

i am observing the same
the newly count added on my listing is saying over 300 views in a week
but on stats it is showing only 20
one day i have a booking and according to stats i had no views :smiley:
something must be wrong

Imagine, that mobile app counts only mobile app views (or may be online + mobile) and web site shows only online views.
Does anyone think it can be possible?

Any updates on this? My views on the mobile app are far higher than on the stats tab on the website.

I would assume it counts 1 view per ip address per 24 hrs. Logs all the views in a database then updates the counter maybe hourly or something. Although we won’t ever know unless you speak to the programmers.

I thought I read that only page views by logged in users count. It would be nice if Airbnb clarified this, though.

See https://twitter.com/AirbnbHelp/status/616358605697208321
which says:

@matt_sommer The dashboard counts unique Airbnb user accounts, so if someone clicks the link and isn’t logged in they won’t tick.

The thing is there are people that don’t have an account that browse. Then they may or may not book.

I find the page views really puzzling. I’ve been renting my boat in Brooklyn (https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/13452750) and the reservation requests often come in waves. For example, last Monday, I got 4 bookings in one day although the page views that Airbnb reports to me for that day were just double the average. Than I got no reservation for over a week and the page views return back to the average. I am wondering what is behind these waves of demand.

You get waves because it’s in the river/harbor/sea. hahhha. Nice prayer flags and unique accomodation. Sorry I don’t understand views either.

Lol, you really made me laugh! Let me know if you happen to visit NYC, I’d love to hear your experience with renting a boat in San Francisco!

Your ranking.

The ranking for your Airbnb listing seems to come in cycle. You will go down, then go up, even way up, then go back down. This is definitely a pattern that I have observed. If you don’t make bookings during a “up” window, you will go a little bit further down. If you do, like you have, you will go down, but less than the rest. The frequency and the amplitude seems to be a function of the market.

Source: I run an Airbnb services company with a component dedicated to monitor rankings in search results.


Wow! That sounds like an ingenious idea to explore and exploit in a dynamic market. Maybe I should make and economic model and write my PhD dissertation on it :).

Thanks for the insights!

I have a related question: If I share my listing with my friends on Facebook (most of which are on a budget and my boat would be too pricey for them), do their views help my listing in the SEO, or hurt it since I get many views without reservations?



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Airbnb is built on momentum. Views are the weakest element of all (wishlists, inquiries received, response time, accepted reservations and cancelled reservations must all be a factor), but it is better than absolutely nothing. As was said earlier, only views from Airbnb users are accounted for.

I invite you to run a (free, no account required, and reasonably quick) listing report on https://smartbnb.io to check the reality of your position in search results (with rankings as they are given to new Airbnb users… and it won’t count as a view for the record :grinning:). Here is an example: https://smartbnb.io/report/PhpGaV7Mf9

So, I’m looking at your service. What is the reasoning behind stealth mode? I can’t think of any reason why I’d want to hide my listing at certain times.

Hi Sarah, thanks for checking it out. I certainly don’t mean to hijack the initial thread, so I invite you to ask further questions on this thread http://www.airhostsforum.com/t/auto-messaging-for-airbnb-hosts-market-reports-free-waffles/7238.

Stealth mode is basically something that would be discontinued in the following weeks. If you don’t see the point, you are lucky to be in a situation where you should not use it. It was requested from hosts who are in jurisdictions who don’t see Airbnb favourably. Apparently, shutting down your listing during business hours is sufficient to avoid any adverse consequences. :grin:

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Ok, makes sense. It just wasn’t something I intuitively could figure out!

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