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How do you welcome your guest?

We’re starting a business that provides airbnb host with a welcome package for their guest. It includes shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, coffee and a map of our favorite local spots starting at $4. Does this sound like something you would provide your guest?

Also- Let us know some neat things you do to greet your new guest that you feel brings value to your listing.

Good luck with your idea.

It wouldn’t be something I would use. I buy shampoo etc on sale - fairly cheap stuff; I assume that, if the guest cares about the shampoo they will bring their own, and most do.

Maps I get from the bus tour companies, and we drink coffee, too.

To answer the other question, I’m genuinely happy to see my guests and am interested in them as people. And I have a framed on the door of the room with a ‘welcome (their name) and a graphic that represents my area’. Some guests like it so much they take the welcome page home.

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I like this idea👌🏻

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