How Do You Use The $100 Credit From Airbnb?

Their email doesn’t have a code of some sort just a button to rent houses. I used the button to search and the discount didn’t apply.

Any idea?

There should be a code that you enter when you book a place.

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No code anywhere…

Has it expired? Mine did and they reissued

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Is this Superhost bonus or a credit for something else? If you look on your dashboard there should be a section labeled credit. Anything there?

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Or on the app click profile and check credit and coupons.

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It’s just credit they sent me to use if I want to travel.

So I thought “whatever” and went ahead with the booking and ONLY when I was at the last step (3) there was a link there for code, clicked on it and there it was.

I wish they would say it’s available at checkout.

Oh well, now we know :slight_smile:

Thank you guys!!


I got my $100 in January via email with a code. Every so often, I get an email that says “…use your $100”. That reminder email does NOT have the code - only the original email does.

Original email:
You’ve earned $100 for travel!
it’s time to celebrate! As one of the few hosts who’ve earned Superhost status four quarters in a row and have kept a high response rate with great reviews, this is a true achievement. Congrats!
To celebrate your hard work, we’re giving you a $100 travel coupon (xxsecretcodexx) for the extraordinary hospitality you provide Airbnb guests. Enter the code when you book a trip on Airbnb and the discount will be applied to your total.*

Reminder email:
Don’t forget to use your $100 credit
You have $100 in credit
Use it toward your upcoming trip to Lawrence. Here are some homes to get you back into your search.

Good Evening, I was surprised to discover that my superhost $100 credit can not be used for “experiences.” New Airbnb experiences are popping up in my city, and if given the financial opportunity, I would enthusiastically promote my Airbnb experience to my community and on social media. What a tremendous boost this would be to the host and airbnb?!?

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