How do you the handle guidance & manual problems?

I am wondering that how do you handle the home guidance & manual problems? Are you using papers, notes, books to guide your user about how to use some tools, how to find some stuffs? How do you handle language issues for those solutions? Personally, I am not happy about mu current solution which is using notes everywhere. Did you know some service or app for this problems?

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@orcundeniz What I have done is a) work towards completely eliminating any item or procedure that even requires an explanation. If that is not possible, b) provide clear, very simply worded (sometimes humorous) laminated signage, with graphics, posted near the item in question, duplicated in the hard copy House Manual as well as the FAQs which are in the Welcome Packet (i.e. “how do I operate the high efficiency dryer?” has a link to the page in the House Manual); SO, it’s in at least three places and if really important it’s in the description of the listing AND the welcome letter (i.e. stair lift will not be operational unless requested in advance). PLUS c) if possible have an initial walk-through pointing out a few of these items, and the House Manual, and assuring them that they can feel at ease contacting me for help as my number is posted on the white board. The reason for all this, orcundeniz, is that I learned that my guests either didn’t read, understand, or pay attention to my notes even if they did see them. I could write as many and as detailed instructions as I like, I could even stand there and show someone how to do something but in the end, they are not necessarily going to follow directions nor are they going to communicate those directions to the rest of the guests in their party. Hotels used to have big fat books with tabs and lots of guidance. Now you’re lucky if you find a map to the ice machine. One more thing: I have taken to writing very simple directions directly on an item with permanent black marker, i.e. “turn and push”.


I have some instructions under the “house rules” section of the listing. For the hot water heater and breaker box, I printed one page of short instructions with visuals and posted it next to the unit.

Next to the bulletin board in the laundry room (has menus of local restaurants that deliver), I posted a page of very short check out instructions.

On the desk I have a little placard on a little stand that has the Wifi password and another one in the bedroom that indicates the location of extra quilts and comforters.



@orcundeniz is trying to use this forum to promote a service. I deleted his post on another thread from last night. Now he’s using a different, less honest approach.

Engage at your own risk.


No I am not promoting anything, I am just seeking answers and contacting everyone. There are plenty of solutions and I am trying to find the best one. Maybe the app could work maybe not. They reached me and I shared their basic idea in the chat to help others who seeks answers like me. I am using their solution partially to test it, and also I’ll try other helpful solutions mentioned here to find out best answer for my guests.

What have you used in the past and what have the problems been? Are you new to hosting?

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Laminated signs where necessary and we have a full color photo book guide on the coffee table. And we intentionally don’t have anything that requires detailed operation to use.

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