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How do you partner with local restaurants/businesses


Ive got a few local businesses asking to partner with me so that ill refer my guest to their business. It seems like a win/win to me. I get to communicate to guests that they are eligible for a free or discounted “X” at the local business for staying in my home.

The businesses want these to expire at the end of the guest’s stay but are looking for a way to not have to invest upfront. It’s been a long time since I’ve stayed at a hotel with a concierge that gave out recommendations and business sized cards that referenced them and the business they were referring…i think this is what i need but i wanted to ask if anyone else has a creative way the partner with the local business community.



I just put recommendations in my guest book.

You can ask restaurants to give you a code guests can quote.

Unless you are looking to make money from it in which case you will need something more sophisticated.


I have a 2 page listing of local restaurants, and some of them have given us coupons. If “they” are asking you, then it’s up to you how to make it work.

IMHO you’re gonna have trouble making a freebie or discount expire at the end of each guest’s visit. What about 1 nighters, or other short term visitors. A LOT of my business is guests staying less than a week. Having a freebie or coupon offer that expires each month makes much more sense.



I see the business’s benefit for your referring your guests to them but how is it again that you benefit? Also, what does it mean the businesses do not want to have to invest upfront? (Invest what?)

Sorry, if I’m a little slow on the uptake.


So do I and there are menus from those restaurants available in the apartments. But I only recommend restaurants that I’ve been to and genuinely like. We also list them on our website. I do not (and would not) recommend because of a business arrangement.

One business I recommend is kind enough to send me a bottle of wine for each referral but that’s a bonus, not part of an agreement,

The difference between me as a real live local person recommending something and a not-necessarily-local concierge recommending something for a backhander is what makes Airbnb better than hotels.


When I’m in a hotel, I ignore the racks of restaurant menus and prepared folders and instead will ask the desk clerk or housekeeping personnel where I can get a particular type of dish…clam chowder, or fish and chips, etc., or a particular ethnic cuisine - Asian, Mexican, Italian, Indian…etc. I also ask what they order…they love that and always comply with their personal favorites. (If the person is a little plump…all the better!)

That method always serves me well.


That works unless you are at the Salt Lake City Marriot and you ask about bars and liquor stores.


After the first of several trips there, I always carried my own mini bottles…and instant coffee too.


Basically they have asked is there a way to do it so that they don’t have to invest in cards or coupons.


I think, perhaps wrongly, that a discount or freebie I introduce to my guests might be received as a perk for staying at my place vs the place down the mountain.


To be honest I don’t think the fact you offer discounts on local restaurants would be a deciding factor on whether to stay with you. However it might help with reviews.


Do you think it creates a conflict of interest? I’m a picky person for food so I would question whether it’s good if you’re actively selling them [perhaps I’m too cynical :wink: ]

For my guests, I just create a nome restaurant list (google “heynome”). It’s a travel-friendly website/app with all the details they need. Most importantly, I give them a range of options to choose from at different price points to fit their specific budget but also get a true reflection of the food in London.


It might be a good thing for people visiting London but until the website is up to scratch I don’t think it’s of much value.

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