How do you manage airbnb notifications and etc?

At night my phone stays on, to accept airbnb inquiry messages, as well as messages from guests etc. I have an iphone.

I would like my phone to not notify me of incoming emails, texts, calls etc except for airbnb ‘dings’ and perhaps the airbnb emails coming through. I know how to silence the entire phone, but would like a way to only do airbnb dings and favorites texts/calls. Airbnb, btw, also texts me with a 6 digit ‘number’.

Anyone know how to do any of this? If you are going to tell me to never answer or other things to save my sanity please, not in this thread - there are plenty of other threads that tell us your preference. I sincerely thank you for that help, but this is pretty technologial in scope and I would prefer that.

Thank you!

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Will this help?


You should be able to go to Focus and then Do Not Disturb and you can place the Airbnb app in the allowed apps so that alerts from it will still come through when you have Do Not Disturb on.

You can also add the Mail app to the allowed apps and as long as you have Airbnb as a VIP alert then the email should also alert you. Assuming you don’t have a bunch of other VIPs in your email, you should only hear the Airbnb email.

(this is an iPhone XR with 15.2.1)


Thanks everybody so far. Texts from my favorites group do not come through, they tell the sender notification silenced and say notify anyway with a?. This will work great if it’s a human but it’s not gonna work for Airbnb notifications. I can’t find how email notifications can be favourite it or made accessible when focuses on. How does that work?

Yeah, you said the Airbnb notifications come through on a 6 digit number and that’s because it initiates from the app, that’s why I didn’t tell you about favorite groups or doing it as a contact, it won’t work.

However, if you add the Airbnb app, which is really where the notification comes from, and the mail app to the allowed apps under the Do Not Disturb settings, you will get the notification from Airbnb as well as from your email.

Settings → Focus → Do Not Disturb → Allowed Notifications: Apps → +AddApp and then choose Airbnb and then repeat and choose Mail.

So, when you go to bed or don’t want to be disturbed, you turn on Do Not Disturb and those two apps will still alert you because they are allowed-apps, per your settings. But you will not be able to do it from Contacts/People because it is not a static number that you are getting Airbnb texts from, the texts are really coming from the app, so you have to do it as an allowed app.

Let me know if I’ve confused you, having trouble explaining it.

(Do you have Airbnb as a VIP in your email? If you don’t, you click on them as the sender from one of the emails you received and you’ll see an option for “make VIP”. )

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Maybe this has changed. I read a “how to” but can’t find it now. 6 digit sms codes can be entered as a mobile phone number in the 10 digit field & be recognized & have the VIP designation.

Under the Message drop down, you can select the sms short code.

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