How do you make 2 nights in a row be óne price, and 3 (or more) be a less expensive one?


I’m renting out a cabin.

It’s a bit of a hassle getting out there to receive the guests. Therefore I have put a 3 day in a row minimum.

Now I want to make that minimum 2 days, on the condition that the price is a bit higher, for that option.

Is there a way to do that?

I can old find “scale-discounts” alternatives where the rent more than a week.

Hope to hear from someone.


There are two ways to do this.

One is in your listing settings --> Pricing --> Length-of-stay discounts --> Add a custom discount
Select “3-nights” and how much of a discount you want to set.

The other option is to set a cleaning fee, which increases the cost of short stays and makes long stays more affordable.


Another option—not exactly what you asked for but an idea. If most of your rentals are Fri, Sat, Sun, input a reduced price for Sundays.

Midweek rentals are slow for me so I’m tinkering with discount Wednesdays.

I know what you mean - I’d like my minimum 2 day price to be, say, $100/nt. I don’t really want 1 nighters but if someone was prepared to pay, say, $150 for one night I’d be happy with that. Some folks who are touring can afford that to stay somewhere a bit nicer than a hotel. So I would need to set up a discount of 33% for stays of 2 days or longer so it reduces each nightly price from $150 to $100. The problem here is it will list your generic price as $150/nt and only people who have specifically put in 2 or more days will see the $100 price. It would be good if they allowed you to put in a “special” 1 day price that only shows if someone specifically asks for 1 night only. One possible way around this is to set a single distant price at $100 but I am not sure how far out you can do that and still have it show as your generic price.

You can also clone your listing (I think there is an option now to “duplicate listing” or some such), and rename it, and offer your ideal 2-day on one and your ideal 3-day price on the other. Sync the calendars and you are all set.

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Tanks very much everyone.

Had hoped I was easier, but at least I seems to be possible.

I’ll get working on trying these things as soon as I have some available time.


Puppylover seems to have the plan I’d go with: one listing is the 2day pricey one, other listing is your regular price.
Or “$40 cashback per day, on bookings of 3 days or more”

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Can you not offer self check in @Bear1982 ?