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How do you handle with lack of verification on Wimdu?

Hi, dear Hosts!
I have a couple of questions for those, who uses Wimdu in addition to AirBnB service.

As we know, AirBnB have their very strict verification process, which requires a LOT of personal details. For me, as for guest AND as for guy, who works in IT and know what consequences uploading of government issued ID process may have, is important my privacy.

As i understand, Wimdu haven’t such strict policy related with verification.

So, there is questions:

  1. How and what you feel and how you handle situations if you get booking request from Wimdu from unverified person? Without photo for example, without verification (no government issued ID is uploaded for example)?

  2. If you get booking request from both - Wimdu and from AirBnB for the same date, what service do you prefer to use in first place?

I like AirBnB, but this requirement of uploading passport (for example), to 3-rd party servers (you know, that verification is handled by Jumio company, not AirBnB itsef, right?) prevents me from using it. I will be happy to introduce myself to the host, chat with him/her, describe myself, but uploading passport is big “no-no” for me :slight_smile:
Found Wimdu, clone of AirBnB and found that some hosts successfully used it in addition to AirBnB.

I like Wimdu. They send you the entire booking amount. The guest pays your commission! True they are little less sophisticated in terms of platform but I like them. They are like the way air used to be. They are a bit funky but you can’t have everything. They have always sent me single travelers who have always been easygoing!

So, it is ok for you if person, who wants to book your property, from Wimdu is unverified? :slight_smile:
Can i get link to your listing on Wimdu?

I have the same question.

“Please send me the (missing) Verification information so that I can approve your request to stay with us…”

Not sure what you mean. They have a completely different platform. A person enquires, (almost always from Germany) or they just request to book. And it proceeds. I don’t think there is a verification process. That is my point. Wimdu is not Air. It’s small, kind of funky, and is actually just how Air was in the beginning (my listing number shows I was one under the first 40,000 to sign up with Air.)

Sorry, I don’t give my listing numbers out on the forum.

What exactly do you ask from guests? I mean what information?

Really? I heard that this is almost at 100% clone of AirBnB service :slight_smile: That is why i am asking. But even if it different platform, i know that some hosts have accounts on both platforms - AirBnB and on Wimdu. But! On AirBnB almost everybody (i mean hosts) require guests to be verified. On Wimdu there is no verification, so i am curious, how hosts handles this, when they get request for booking from Winmdu and particular from person without any confirmed info.

No problem :slight_smile:

Well… Of course it is not a clone. It’s an orphan stepchild of Airbnb. Why do you think another competitive platform could be a 100% clone of another? They are way smaller. They may not have the capital or manpower to handle doing things like verification. I haven’t asked guests for that but I don’t see why you can’t. However, just like Air, you won’t be able to exchange contact information with the guest until the booking is confirmed.

If you are going to use Wimdu you have to do the old fashioned thing and “trust” the guest. I have only had good experiences with Wimdu. I like them. That said, they are not Air. Not even a little like Air in terms of verifications, rules, etc. so read up and decide if you want to use them or not. That’s about all I can think of to say.

Sorry to be that guy again, but it works the same on Airbnb. The guest pays a 6-12% commission to Airbnb that you don’t see. The only thing you see is that 3% payment fee (which is line with what their payment provider is charging them).

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Wow… Strange. My last two bookings paid me every penny and did not charge me the 3 percent… !!! Really!! I checked and double checked and couldn’t believe it. This was because I remember paying the 3% before… So what the heck.

Aha! This is exactly what i want to know (in addition to @KenH comment). I am asking everything because i want to use similar to AirBnB platform as a guest, not host. I don’t want to use AirBnB because of their verification process, uploading my passport to some 3rd party server, etc. It is easier for me to give required information to host, instead of commercial company. So i need something, where this is not required :slight_smile: I think Wimdu should fir for my needs :sunglasses:

Keep in mind though… When you travel to certain destinations you will still have to provide this information upon arrival. I think each host will have that disclosed in their listing if required.

Really without a problem :slight_smile: I just not trust to “Trust and Verification” department of AirBnB and their verification process (hello Jumio) :joy:
Thanks for update :sunglasses:

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