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How do you change Bed Type?

I made my listing in July of 2014. I just switched the bed from a raised Aerobed to a real bed. The listing still says “Bed Type: Airbed” and the interface to switch it has disappeared. Does anyone know how I can alter this? Using the Add Bed selection doesn’t change any of it.

From memory it’s located before the bed selections where you choose the bedroom/bathroom count .

Mines not like that anymore. Just checked. They removed the bed type and replaced it with a new thing where you choose bed types for each room.

because I only rent one bedroom.

So do i mateeeeeeeeeeeeee :slight_smile:

When did you take off the second bedroom? Maybe it hasn’t updated your settings?

I haven’t. I have a lodger in my second room for past 3 months. I do have a seperate listing for the room. But the dates have been blocked for 6 months. I got a message from airbnb a week or so ago saying they updated the beds settings to that new format which I posted the screenshot of. I haven’t edited anything to prompt that change.

Hmm. The appears to be another case where we don’t all have the same thing.

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