How do you calculate your rate?


We are a guest house with six rooms and would like to list on Airbnb. We already got listed but I temporarily unlisted our rooms because when we receive a request, the rate is way too cheap! This has happened twice. We are use to taking our tariffs and just adding the percentage that the booking site is subtracting for them. How much does Airbnb subtract? For example if our. I did some research what the other guest houses do and they tend to advertise their 1 person rate and just add the rate per person after 1. Does this amount then get calculated with a request?

Airbnb clearly explain their charges on their help pages. Anything not clear about them?

Why shouldn’t it? You can test this yourself by searching for your own place on a different browser and experiment with it?

I think it gets really complicated when you are trying to match rates when you add other platforms (like Tripadvisor, etc.). When you are just with Airbnb, have a look at the service fee, which changes depending on a number of factors.

YOU set the ‘per night fee’ (not per person) you want to receive for your rental You set the number of people that the rental sleeps. You set the amount that is charged for persons above the previous number, if you allow such. You set the (one time) cleaning fee. AirBnb adds service charges, taxes, etc on top of those numbers, and that is the amount the guest will pay to Air. You get your per night fee plus the cleaning fee.


You can set a per person fee after the first guest.


Thank you @KenH. I previously did not add cleaning fees etc. but maybe I should.

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@Joanne_H it’s a great idea too!