How Do You Adjust Minimum Stay Requirements for Just a Limited Timeframe?

So we already have minimum stay requirements that vary for a high season and a low season. We have a block of time, 6/30-7/3, when a guest cannot make a reservation because that’s the high season for which we have a five-day minimum stay. We’d like to make the minimum stay three days for just that 6/30-7/3 timeframe but don’t know how to do that.

It looks like Airbnb permits just two timeframes for which you can specify a minimum stay requirement. We’ve used those up.

The idea I had was to create a ruleset for just these days and make the minimum stay three days. I tried adding another rule-set for just these days but the system would not let me add a third rule-set that would specify calendar dates like 6/30-7/3 (instead the third rue-set would allow me to specify requirements around days of the week and not limited to a calendar timeframe).

As an FYI, when I double-clicked on the field (below) to change the minimum stay requirement it brought me to a page where when I made the change it changed the minimum stay requirement for what is our high season, not limiting it to the 6/30-7/3 timeframe.

I know how to do this, but in a hurry at the moment. Will check i later today, and if nobody else has helped you will give you an step by step. It just takes a minute to execute once you know how.


I do this in a Windows browser, logged into my Airbnb account in HOST mode.

  • open calendar
  • use mouse (or touchscreen) to highlight/select the dates you have in mind
  • a menu bar pops up on right-hand side of screen when you highlight/select dates
  • scroll down menu bar to Rule-sets
  • in the box beneath Rule-sets click the down arrow to the right of the word none reveal a set of options
  • click on Add rule-set
  • Pop-up opens
  • Nickname your rule set (eg Three week minimum stay)
  • scroll down to Availability
  • look for Trip length
  • set desired parameters (eg Maximum stay)
  • Poke around and check if there are any other options you want to specify within this Rule-set
  • scroll down and click SAVE button

Note – you can now call up this rule set from memory and apply to other selected dates again and again

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Thank you!

On my own I got to the step before Availability. But then I screwed up (before I had the benefit of your valuable step by step instructions).

I’ve had to change the minimum stay length in VRBO too (the calendars are synched). The dates on the Airbnb calendar still show unavailable but not because of the minimum stay but because the VRBO changes have not synched yet. I suspect that in a few minutes (hours?) that they will.

Thank you again, and another reminder of the value of this forum.

P.S. Rule sets are pretty valuable in Airbnb, something that we might want to discuss more here.

There have tons of discussions already, with graphics and step-by-steps, etc. Nothing has significantly changed with them since those discussions so it may be worth it for you to do a search for them.


Once you get set up with OR, doing this for both Vrbo and AirBnB will be a snap.