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How do we make post-toddler bed clean-up easier?

We’ve been an up and running B&B for about 4 months now. Since we’re in a destination that attracts a lot of families on holidays, we want to do our best to accommodate families even with toddlers as we’d stand to lose a lot of potential business otherwise. We’ve taken care of toddler-proofing our space, but we’re still trying to figure out how to make the bed clean-up easier. We have a mattress protector in all rooms, but our first experience with a family with a 2-yr old that peed on the bed taught us that a mattress protector (at least the one we’re using) is NOT water proof. So we had a wet bedsheet, duvet, duvet cover, mattress protector and mattress. Our bedsheets and duvet covers go to the launderers at the end of every stay and come back as good as new, so I’m not too worried about those. But it’s the mattress and duvet that I fear for. Does anyone know how to make post-toddler clean up easier? Perhaps we’re missing out on fixes for these issues?

Thin plastic sheeting – like a painter’s drop cloth from the DIY shop – between the bottom sheet and the mattress. Won’t help the duvet, but will protect the mattress. Perhaps switching from a duvet with cover to something like the American ‘system’ with a comforter or bedspread and top & bottom sheets will help. That’s what we use, and they go in the laundry just like our top and bottom sheets.

Wait until you get “chocolate” stains all over the sheets, comforter, and blankets. If you’re really lucky, it may also end up on the carpet. Add to that the vomit on other furniture and the cheerios everywhere. Enjoy!

To answer your question, though, gets DriTec mattress cover and a waterproof duvet cover.

Open a case and get money back for the mattress. Even if your place is kid friendly doesn’t mean guests can let their kids pee On your matress . You should add it in your house rules also.

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