How do the "sleeps x" search features on airbnb work?

For example, if my listing says it can sleep 6 but I would also like to attract smaller groups (say of 4), will it only show to those potential 4’s, the listings that say they sleep 4 (rather than those that can also sleep 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 etc)?

Hope that makes sense !

If somebody searched for sleeps 4, it will show all properties that can sleep 4 and above guests.

Our apartment sleeps 5 but we get a lot of bookings from couples as well.

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Thanks for the quick response. I don’t own the apartment I’m looking after but the owners were concerned and kept asking me to change it to sleeps 4 plus 2!! Good to have some info from other hosts.

You can also charge for guests after 2 if you want to encourage smaller parties. Less wear and tear and all. I can fit six in (lots of qualifiers on my description that it is a tight squeeze) but I want compensation for the extra utilities, laundry, and wear and tear, so I charge more for parties bigger than two. I mostly host couples as a result. I think if I priced for four or six, that is the only size group I would get.

Yes, good point Xena, we do the same and charge slightly more for more than two guests.

It compensates for the extra costs associated with extra guests and keeps us competitive against properties that only sleep two.

If in doubt, set your maximum occupancy to lower. The bigger the group you take, the more “bargain hunters” will book. These people tend to worry more about price than quality and they will treat the place with less respect.