How do I turn off the discount for first three guests?

I accepted the suggestion to offer a discount to my first 3 guests, but can not see it listed anywhere on my Dashboard so I can turn it off. My first two guests booked long term, and I don’t want to offer it to the third person, when that person decides to book my cottage.

I do believe you can not turn it off once accepted. I just created a new listing and It stated once accepted you have no option but to accept.

You could just raise your prices, so that even with the discount, they would be paying what you want to get.

You will have to call them to turn it off.

thank you

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in the property listing process the “20% discount for first three guests” checkbox is ticked by default.
No further information on how this works or what the impact could be for the host is provided. Typically offering 20% for the first 3 booking could cost the host over $1000.
These terms are at best unclear, and at worst deceptive.
After receiving the first listing for a new property the impact became clear. We contacted support who just did nothing about it.

Beware not opting out of the 20% discount offer can be very costly

Hello, “20% discount for the first 3 is selected by default. Unfortunately no further information was given, it is not known why. You also have to be very careful because canceling the discount can be very expensive

This is why we suggest to folks that come here before opening that they allow the discount but that they limit their stays to at most 2 weeks for the first month or 2, in order to get more reviews (so the inevitable bad one won’t tank your rating) and experience with more guests. Shorter stays also mean that when you have to deal with your first problem guest that they won’t be booked for an excruciating month.

I would also not open your calendar too far out, because you will probably want to adjust rates over your first couple of months. If you are fully booked all the time, you are probably priced too far below market price.

I’ve always limited my stays to a week, but that’s me, and most folks visiting here stay 3 to 5 days.

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