How do I size the cover photo?

How do I accurately size the cover photo?

Mine looks terrible. It is somehow it is auto formatting using only a small chunk of the middle of my image.

The template area is a short wide rectangle. When I load my photo it comes out as a close-up within that image rather than the entire image.

Please help!

Please can someone give me the setting specs, including DPI and pixel range for height and width.

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I’ve had similar issues. I suspect a lower resolution photo would fare better, though I have not experimented. Also Airbnb seems to prefer photos with landscape aspect vs portrait aspect.

In any case, I’d also be interested in answers.

Check this thread and/or post your question there.

Hi @Mike_Clelland,

The following might be considered a workaround, but I’ve had good results adding a black border to the left and right of my picture. How thick of a border is to some extent a matter of taste. I suggest experimentation.

This is easy enough to do using the Gimp. If you don’t want to use the Gimp, and have a similar tool like Photoshop available, I expect it’s similarly easy with that.

Based on preliminary tests, much more of the image survives, though at the cost of adding black to the left and right. But if one wants something more like a portrait view in a layout that expect something more like a landscape view, some compromises have to be made.