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How do I see how many stars I received from guest for each category?

I’m so sorry if my question has been addressed in the past. According to the stats, my rating for value went down to 50% and my check-in rating went down as well. I’m trying to figure out who rated me poorly - I should not care, but I do as I always aim to offer great value and a great experience. Your guidance would be appreciated, thank you.

you have the defined ratings on every review - just need to look at all the recent reviews and the stars

@Debthecat Deb, I looked at the reviews but all I can see is the written review and not the stars.

Best viewed on a laptop. Go to “Insights” at the top of the menu. Click on that to get to a new left hand navigation and look for “Performance” then “Overall Quality” Expand Overall quality and on the right you’ll see data. Scroll down and you’ll see a button for reviews to expand and see them all.

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You really, really shouldn’t!

@Atlnative Hi Peggy, thank you for your guidance; I didn’t find anyone who gave me less than a 5, except for a guest who gave me a 4-star score and wrote “I would definitely book in the future!”

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@jaquo Jackie, you are so right, I should not care but I do…I will do my best to lighten up because it makes no difference!!!

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I’m finding that more people base their choice on written reviews. The ones who leave negative reviews have a “history” of not being the best guests. I don’t do instant booking because I have a home share type of rental and I don’t need an idiot in my home so I read what other hosts say about that guest. It’s pretty easy to figure out a guest based on reviews that others leave for them.
I know it shouldn’t matter what the “stars” show but I can understand that it would concern us too. After all, we strive to be great hosts.
I’ve been a guest at superhosts rentals and cannot understand why they’re superhosts at all.

You need to be logged into your account and then put this in your browser window: https://www.airbnb.com/progress/reviews#hdb-reviews

I’m a home share host and one of the best features on IB is the button for “Cannot IB if another host has clicked the ‘Would Not Host Again’ toggle button when reviewing.” I’ve had several RTBs because of that button and I can tell which host dinged them.

Plus, even with IB I “review stalk” the guests and if I’m not comfortable or the messages don’t go well then I suggest they find another place. If they don’t, I call Air and penalty free “I’m not comfortable, see my message thread.”

Works well.

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@Lynick4442 Lynn, thank you for your guidance!

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