How do I review these guests

So I have these couple that are staying in my property for 4 days, and my staff say that since they arrived they have been very drunk all the time. The reservation is still current, and so last night my cleaning lady had to come to the house because they lost the key, and they couldn’t open the door to get out. So when my cleaning lady arrived she had a big scene to see, the girlfriend had thrown all the clothes from the boyfriend to the pool, his phone, also the phone that I provide to the guests had ended up in the pool ( not working now), she threw beer bottles, so had broken glass everywhere, on another note, I provide new linens every 4 days, but second day they requested new ones because they messed them with blood and some brown stain… yuuuk.
So this is so far, I will have to check if she broke any tiles when she was aiming at her boyfried with the beer bottles, not sure how to even charge that fix because I know I can’t find the same ones to replace a single tile if its broken.

So how do I review this couple and stay objective and not go to too much detail, but still warn all other hosts.

If I had guests like this, I would have contacted Airbnb to ask them to cancel the booking and have the guests leave straight away. If they have more nights to stay, then give Airbnb a call now, explain the situation and say that you want these guests out as they make you feel uncomfortable.

Do make sure your staff have taken photos and video’s of the damage, sheets and broken glass.

Your staff shouldn’t be put at risk from issues such as broken glass.

If you want to share a draft review with us, then I am sure experienced hosts here would be happy to comment. You can’t mention any claim in the review. I would mark them down on cleanliness and give them a thumbs down so they can’t IB with future hosts.

I would definitely be looking to charge them for replacement keys, the visit from your cleaner with a replacement key, if there is broken glass, you will probably also need to charge to have the pool drained and checked for broken glass, the tiles will obviously depend on any damage.

If you don’t have it already do install outside CCTV to help you monitor guest behaviour


Cannot recommend guest. It’s not that they broke many house rules, but there are broken beer bottles and glass everywhere. Lost the house key. Our phone and his phone and clothes thrown in the pool. Bloody and stained linens. Domestic dispute?! Never want to see them again.


I can’t believe that you need help knowing what to write about these people!


Why leave anything out?

I would not host X and his GF again. They got drunk and threw stuff in the pool including a phone that belongs to the property. They were disrespectful
to my property and staff. They would be better suited staying at home because even a hotel would not put up with their behaviour.



Unfortunately I can not recommend X and Y as they appeared to have had a domestic dispute which resulted in the pool being filled with clothing along with our provided cell phone. In addition, there was broken glass bottles littered along with pool area as well. The couple were disrespectful to our staff when they came to open the door after the House Key was lost. We wish them the best but will not welcome them back into our home in the future.


A bit off topic, but I’m confused about this. Are you saying a key is required to exit the building? (Not sure where you are, but if that’s the case, it’s against fire and safety codes everywhere I’ve lived.)


I do not recommend these guests. There was excessively drinking and fighting, they damaged the apartment, left bloody linens and left broken glass all over.

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They are checkin out tomorrow, but even if I had some grounds to kick them out, airbnb customer service is so slow and difficult to deal with that its not worth it, and then they still can write a retaliation review. I understand this is cost of business and sometimes you get morons, I just want to warn all future hosts, because she has nice reviews from before.

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I disagree here. You should charge at least your costs plus a G & A fee in addition to leaving the honest review.

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This is a tough call. These people are completely out of control. Somebody is going to get hurt, with broken glass around etc. Yet if you ask them to leave, and they get in a car, then what?

You have been put in an extremely difficult position. But you may be able to reduce damage over the next day or so if you let them know that other people are around and watching. Take your time cleaning the pool area. If the pool is not exclusive to them, invite others over. Be rackety. Never confront violent people, but don’t let them think they are not being observed.

RIGHT ON! I would call Airbnb and kick them out. Pictures or CCTV are our best friends. I would include everything that they did in my review as well. Would not leave anything out because these type of guests should not be allowed to rent any property on any listing site.

REALLY? Are you kidding? Why say that? These folks were horrible guests and don’t deserve any kind words. I would definitely say that they are not welcome back ever…ever…ever…lol!

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WHAT??? You have major grounds to kick them out. I doubt that hey would remember enough to write a bad review, but even then other Hosts need to know what happened. You said that their previous reviews are good? Even more reason to be honest. As my dear, departed Southern friend used to say " Put some “grit in your shit” and get rid of them.


Because portraying myself as being an A*hole does nothing and I refuse to fight negativity with negativity. And yes I have kicked people out (just this morning in fact for extra people not indicated on the reservation) and other reasons but I attempt to not interject emotions in my reviews no matter how bad it is. Plus leaving an emotional and character review can get me banned from the site, set me up for a liable suite and get my review removed which in fact no matter how bad the guest was would portray me as being the “bad host”.

update, they extended, but not with alteration, they made a new booking, so its gona be more hard to give review now :(… why is someone suggestion a cctv, thats crazy, I for one would never stay in a house where the host cant monitor me, and what does it mean they are better suited for a home, this is a private house, not shared with anyone.

If IB you can have the reservation cancelled as you are not comfortable with the guest. In fact, I just did that this morning in a similar situation.

How many night’s is the new reservation for?

Beware, now they have set you up for two bad reviews. And if their new reservation starts today, you can’t cancel them without them being able to leave a second review.

The first thing I would do is immediately block the night after their second reservation, so they won’t make a third reservation.

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I presume you have followed up with your guests about the sheets, fighting, broken glass and a rude behaviour to your staff via Airbnb messaging, so there was a record?

And I know you said you have been talking to Airbnb so they will know about the issues.

Now is the time to get back on the phone to Airbnb and say that you want them to cancel the new booking.

Tell them this is due to the guests appalling behaviour during the first booking, you are uncomfortable with them, fear for future damage and your staff would be deeply uncomfortable continuing to look after these guests because they had been so rude to them.

Your guests aren’t stupid, they knew you wouldn’t extend their booking so made a new one. How long is the new booking for?

By the way many hosts who list remotely have CCTV in their outdoor spaces to monitor guest behaviour and ensure not more guests than have booked stay.

I never said I contacted Airbnb, I never even mentioned to the guests about the behaviour, they think I enjoy hosting them, I just wanted to review them after the reservation end and warn all other hosts, but a bit difficult now, maybe will have to wait till the review period for first booking expire