How do I review a guest when my listing had an error?

A guest checked out early due to an error in amenities, our listing stated the pool was heated and it wasn’t.

I’m a co-host for a team with 6 listings at 3 properties. I’m a newbie with a month of experience. The guest messaged me asking to cancel the balance of his stay on his first evening. He said he chose our property specifically because it stated we had a heated pool and that we were using false advertising tactics. I asked him to hold on for a few minutes until I can get clarification from the owner. To make a long story short, The listing does state it was a heated pool, and it’s not; the guest checked out that evening; he was issued a full refund from the owner.
I have two days left to leave a review. Should I leave a review, and if so, how do I address the error?

Your review is to advise future hosts on this guest’s behavior. If their behavior was acceptable, then the review should reflect that. Be honest and unemotional. Based on the info given I might say something like “XXXX only stayed one night of a 6 night booking due to an error in our listing. They pointed it out immediately and we canceled and refunded. They left the listing in good condition and followed all property rules. They would be welcome back at any of our properties anytime and we recommend them to other hosts.”


Also, if there are any guests who have upcoming bookings, who booked before the listing error was corrected, they need to be contacted and told about the error, and offered either a full refund if they want to cancel, or a discount for the missing amenity.


Excellent suggestion :+1: :+1: Thanks for the advice.

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@FtLaudHost - Bob if as your name suggests you are in Fort Lauderdale, then you must be an excellent bloke. All the very best people live in Fort Lauderdale. :wink:

So this is not aimed at you particularly but is general advice for co-hosts.

As the co-host’s main function is to oversee the property and the guests, then it is up to the co-host to ensure - before every stay - that the property is in excellent condition and is exactly as it is described in the listing.

If any amenity is advertised in the listing and is NOT available to guests, then the guest has every right to a full refund. (Often this is if the supplied internet service is down for whatever reason).

Admittedly it may seem that checking that the pool is in fact heated is not a check that every host has to undertake but it’s still the co-host’s responsibility to ensure that everything in the rental is as described in the listing.

(With this arctic weather we’ve been having in South Florida recently, I’m not surprised they needed a heated pool. Brr.)

Not only is there the refund issue, but it also saves the co-host time and hassle if he or she is confident that everything is perfect and that everything works as it should.

If cleaners, gardeners, window cleaners, plumbers, etc are employed the buck nevertheless stops with the co-host.

So co-hosts, make life easier for yourself by doing a complete walk-through just before each group arrives.

Point taken - Thank you Jaquo. I appreciate any advice I can get at this stage.

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