How do I prevent this decline from hurting me?

I have a guest who wanted to pay some extra money for an early checkin. However, they submitted a new request for a different date ( 1 day ) and then in the message to us indicated that they really want to do an early check in on another booking.

I haven’t approved or declined it because I’m not sure how best to proceed. I explained to the guest why we can’t accommodate the early check in ( and would have given it for free if we had it available ) - but do I ask them to withdraw their request ? I don’t want to decline if I’ll get dinged for declining the request. Or do I just reach out to customer service and explain? The request from the guest isn’t really for the dates they put on the request.

What a completely bizarre thing for them to do. Ask them to withdraw the request.

To add to the craziness - the guest who submitted this - isn’t the guest with the original booking! It’s like they want to pay for the early check in on their friend’s booking - but want it to be 2 separate transactions.

Punt them over to Air CS. If that doesn’t work, you call Air and say “I’m not comfortable with this, can you please cancel it for me?”

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There is a point, it’s just too much out of the ordinary. Even sappy me has limits. Btw-if they want to pay for their friend’s early check-in there are many, many other ways to do it.


PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, Xoom, ACH…

I tell my clients if they’re having a hard time paying me - have another payment option!! :wink:

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I wish they would have asked instead of trying to create a second booking and have it apply to the other one

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