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How do I make longer bookings for when I'm away?

My husband and I are going overseas a a couple of times and the apartment we let out to Airbnbers will be empty.This is because I won’t be there to clean etc. I don’t want someone to come in and clean/wash for me.
Is there anyway I can request longer bookings for the period I away? Not possible I’m thinking.

Yes – go to your calendar, go to “Availability Settings”, scroll down to “minimum - maximum stay” and you should see a place to put in special requirements for certain dates. I just did this yesterday for graduation week (minimum 6 days). Hope that helps. I haven’t a clue on how to do screen shots so if you can’t find it, ask again.

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Thank you!! I’ll have a look at that.

Thank you, I did it!!

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I love the way it’s so much quicker to get an answer to a question here than trying to contact airbnb!


I’ve also got a separate listing made up for such occasions. I normally just rent out a private bedroom/bath, so I’ve got a whole house listing, which I keep blocked off or unlisted until I know the dates that I will be away, and then I open it up, with a minimum night stay of whatever I need.

I totally agree! I’ve received two very different and great answers!! Fantastic!!

Thank you, I love this suggestion as well. L

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