How do I leave a review of a great set of guests?


Can someone help and explain how I leave a review of a guest who has just departed?

She and her friends were perfecxt guests, left the house very clean and tidy, no breakages and no complaints from our neighbours when we returned to our house.

I have been trying in vain to leave a positive review but just seem to be going round in a loop. I go into my host page, select profile and then reveiws, but cannot seem to add a review. An online blog says that I should see the Airbnb picture/icon for my guest and to click on it to leave a review, but there is nothing in either the “Reviews of you” or the “Reviews you have left” sections.

This is very frustrating. It was our first Airbnb experience and it was a great start as far as we can tell. We wanted to leave a positive review because it was deserved in the way they treated our home, but also in order to hopefully glean one ourselves.

Does the guest have to leave one first before we can leave ours of them?

Do I have to go into their profile on Airbnb and leave a reveiw that way?

Their just seems no way for me to edit the “review” section of my profile to add a reveiw of a guest.

Any help you guys could offer would be very much appreciated.




Airbnb will send you a message with a link to leave a review 24h after the checkout of your guests.

Hope this helps


I get the email with link the day they have departed. I would say shortly after my check out time…

I am having the same issue - and I have not received any link from airbnb. It has now been a couple of days since her checkout.

Sometimes there’s a delay. I had a 72 hour delay with one set of guests. Just be patient. The Airbnb site does have technical issues from time to time.

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