How do i get superhost coupon

How do i get my $100 coupon - been a superhost for several years and not bothered with it. Now want to use coupon but AIRBNB seem unable to tell me just referring me to Superhost website. I just want the coupon so i can book a “no stay” in Ukraine to help another host during difficult times !

For each Superhost reward you should have received an email congratulating you on your renewed Superhost status – and containing a specific Coupon code. Coupons are only good, if I remember right, for a year after date of issue. It’s not as if you’ve been “banking” $100 coupons for several years to use at some later date.

After you log in, click on " insights." On the left you should see a light gray column, scroll down to “superhost.” It should be there along with a notication saying that you earned superhost status.

In the app
Here is how to find your coupon





Great to hear you are doing this, but please book with an established host who has reviews from 2021 or before.

Unfortunately lots of scammers have set up Ukraine listing from March this year - there is no way of knowing whether a profile set up in March 2022 is genuine or not - may just have war photos and cartoon characters as profile images.


I didn’t get the impression that they were necessarily scammers (although I would imagine some are), in that they weren’t Ukranians who are actually getting bombed out and suffering and in need of financial assistance, but word got around pretty quick that Airbnb hosts there were getting these donations, so others who weren’t established hosts, thought of it as simply a way to receive donations.

Which of course wasn’t in the original spirit of hosts sending their $100 vouchers to real Ukranian hosts who’ve lost their livelihood.

Thank you Annet3176 explained so simply - if only AIRBNB could have done that when i asked !

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7 years experience with the app vs 7 days the Airbnb Customer Service Rep probably had.

Happy to help.

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The issue is there is no way of knowing whether those who have set up listing since March are genuine. Airbnb has already removed hundreds of false listing as they are listing from people who aren’t in Ukraine but use false profiles and photos from the war to generate money.

Much as I have sympathy for those affected by the war, the only way you can ensure your voucher or donation is actually going to a genuine host is to check they have reviews from 2021.