How do I get my listing to show up?

I live 5 minutes from an town that is highly traveled, its right over the bridge. Why does my listing never show up when the town is searched but listings 30 minutes away do? The only way it shows up is if you zoom in or search for instant book or super host. Any suggestions on how to get it to show up?

Cleverer posters probably have a clever response, but if I was in your position, I would call AirBNB and ask their technical team to look at it. It’s weird that you’re not showing up on map view if others who are further away are.

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There is a lot of discussion elsewhere in this forum. There seems no way to tell what their algorithm is. Good luck asking Airbnb. The people that answers the phone are either as clueless as we are about searc algorith or they’'re just not going to tell us.

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Glad to know about this. Hope I will find great info from this board. Thank you mate.