How do I get funds payable to me from Airbnb to be paid out?

I am registered on another account.
I had visitors staying for a week, 23 Dec 2016 till 30 Dec 2016
They paid AirBNB in JUne 2016 already.

I battle for weeks now to get the funds from AirBNB
What should I do?

Are you sure your guests paid Airbnb? I’m new to Airbnb but Airbnb has always paid me on time, they release funds 24 hours after guest check in, and you should get the money in several hours or days depending on your choice of payment method.

If your guests booked through Airbnb and they paid Airbnb, you should have no problem getting the money.

Hi Freya, thanks for getting back to me.

I did speak to airbnb but phoning them from South Africa is very expensive.

We do have a reference number for the booking back in June 2016

They acknowledge they received the money.

They said they verified the Bank details.

They said they paid the money, BUT it is not appearing in my Bank Account for two weeks now.

I want to know HOW do I get my money?

It seems like for three days now Airbnb would not answer my e-mails and or tel calls…


Contact them via Twitter and say you have had no response to your query by phone.

Ask them for details of the money transfer. It should be possible to trace it. What method do you use for the money transfer?

I use my checking account, and the money shows up right way. I think the Twitter suggestion was good. Do 800 - numbers still cost you in South Africa?

Hi, they contacted me on Twitter yesterday and they say they will sort is out. I requested funds transfed documents so I can approach my bank.

I am not sure what you mean by 800 - numbers???



Sorry - I am so ignorant about other countries sometimes. These are toll free numbers in the states, anything that starts with an 800, 855, 866, and 877. We call these numbers “area codes”. Airbnb has a toll free number, but I guess it is not available for you.

No, if I phone them, and it was three long duration calls already I pay dearly for it.
Twitter looks like the way to go…

You can ask them to call you. Doesn’t mean they will, of course. They have called me several times. Never arranging it in advance and without any warning, of course. So I haven’t always picked up. My local office appears to be Ireland, at least that’s where they say they are calling from. Though the number shows up as California. I pointed this out to them. They said it’s routed through the main Airbnb offices, which are believe are in the Bay Area. San Francisco?

We do not have an office in South Africa.
I asked them to phone me several times but they are not phoning me.

Presumably you mean Airbnb does not have an office in South Africa. It doesn’t have one in India either, as far as I know.

Oh, that’s too bad. They do have sucky customer service. Maybe they don’t want to talk to you.

You can call US 800 numbers free via Skype (or at least you used to be able to), so if your net connection is reasonably stable and fast, that should be an option.

Thanks, I can try that. I do have a very fast connection
Can you perhaps supply me that 800 number ?


There’s a thread here with all the Airbnb numbers.

It comes up if you do a search for “Airbnb phone number” in the forum.

Are you communicating with them via Twitter?

yes, via twitter
But the more I ask them for transaction paperwork the less I get fro them
I need it to talk to my bank

Im very sure because until now i dont get any payment…my guest checkin on 14dec n checkout at 15dec…until today 19jan i dont get any payment…when i email no rep…i frusted to airbnb

I eventually got my payment !!!
The problem was NOT with AirBNB, it was with the local FOREX BANK

Alternatively pop some money on to your Skype account and call that way - it’s a lot cheaper. I used that way to call family who only have landlines (no Skype) all the time.

I used Twitter - very successful…