How do I contact AirHosts help

Most websites and blogs have a “contact us” link, I have been unable to find one on AirHosts.

I usually read these every day or two. The tags at the top that differentiate new and unread are very helpful–but my “unread tab” does not seem to work. I read various items but instead of going down and eliminating the ones I have read, the tally goes up.

Right now I have 15 unread and I have read them all.

This is the weblink to the Airbnb Forum’s two administrators and five moderators:

In the event of a critical issue or urgent matter affecting this site, please contact us at:

Is this what you are seeking?

Airhosts help…where you get what you pay for.

I think the problem you describe is related to the Discourse software used for the site, or perhaps your settings need to be adjusted, maybe here?

That is it, nothing urgent, but I usually try to look at new responses but now can not differentiate who is new and who is not. At least some have a blue dot so I can tell they are new.

Try clearing your browser cache and cookies (from this site).


Thanks, I am trying to change my email address so I keep receiving summaries. I will try these.

I just PMed you :wink: